Landscape Photography in Turkey

Landscape photography in Turkey is centered around nature landscapes, sunsets, long exposure river photography, star landscape photography.

In order for Landscape photography in Turkey to yield successful results, it is necessary to start a photography trip by making a plan in advance. Plans should be made based on seasonal conditions. The travel guides should be examined, the bag should be prepared after the location decision is made, the camera and lenses, tripod, camera battery and spare battery, memory cards should be placed in the backpack.

After the narrow and wide-angle lenses and filters are removed, suitable hours for landscape photography in Turkey should be observed. Among the favorable times, from sunrise to before noon, during sunset hours, when the sun goes down and warm colors increase, this time period is the most productive landscape photography hours.

In landscape photographs, the perspective is the angle you look at the landscape, providing the perspective with the angle of view of the lenses, and the interest in the photograph is increased by showing the close objects as large and the ones in the background as small.

Landscape photography tours forms a center of attention for you to increase the impressiveness. It tells how to divide the frame into 9 equal parts and place the focus of attention at the points where the lines overlap. It tells you how to make the correct setting and correct exposure to be effective. If the subject is moving, it is stated that the shutter priority, otherwise, aperture priority shooting. It teaches ISO 100 until sunset, then 400, f:11 aperture in wide-angle landscapes, f:5.6 as the sun's effect decreases at sunsets, and white balance with automatic mode.

Landscape photography tours exploits a polarizing filter to increase the quality, to increase the contrast and to ensure the vividness of the colors, and tells the beginners that 18-55 mm and 10-18 mm lenses with DSLR or mirrorless cameras will increase the attractiveness of the wide-angle view.

Your DSLR Mirrorless cameras, in which the internal mirror system is abandoned and the light passes directly through the lens to the sensor, gives more suitable results.

Full-frame cameras, high-quality mirrorless cameras offer awe-inspiring photos with 16-bit color depth, 16 million colors, uncompressed in Raw format.

Landscape photography tours is based on travel, focus and planning. At suitable times, the planned landscape can be easily captured. Of course, it is necessary to spend time and improve patiently, knowing that a good result cannot be obtained without being patient while doing and applying these.

Landscape photography tours attaches importance to constructive criticism and explains that you need to absorb the fundamentals of photography and gain experience. Getting help from experts and specialists in the field to specialize in the sub-branch you want brings the benefits of joining the exciting and inspiring photography community thus learning about new ideas, projects and perspectives.

You can discover the features, beauties and differences around you by traveling a lot, taking a lot of photos, and you can improve in a shorter time by examining the photos you take, editing them and setting limits for yourself thus letting landscape photography tours to improve you.

You can take a successful photo with the partnership of your heart, brain and eyes. Photography is a communication tool, you must have a photographic idea before learning about the technique, create a photographic project, change your perspective, set a time, and start producing by motivating yourself as you try without giving up.

Landscape photography tours beautifies the landscape with mathematical pieces by providing balance like the game of shapes. Assimilating the framing and composition, determining the point where the eyes will go, establishing the focal point correctly, presenting a deep and vivid picture becomes a little clearer with each step.

It offers different opportunities by showing you how to capture a different angle, allowing you to try options and possibilities, change the perspective to emphasize depth and focus, think carefully to capture what you want, move towards the goal, capture the photographic light filtering through the intriguing landscape.

Searching for unusual places, being careful and ready, finding your own way, your style, will bring you a picture of a unique landscape that others have not yet looked at.

Landscape photography tours recommends capturing the details in the foreground, finding the balance between the foreground and the background, adding atmosphere to the photo with light, sharpening the foreground and background, capturing the scene clearly, creating strong composition, and capturing interesting angles.

Landscape photography tours teaches you to determine the main subject without drowning in too much detail, to direct the leading lines to the main subject, to discover what the landscape hides with experiments, to make it easier to focus, to use the horizon well by drawing natural frames, to place reflection, symmetry, depth, alone and special images.

Types of Photo Shooting

Macro Photography Tour

Macro photography tour has recently started to attract attention as a fun activity that can be done anywhere. Macro photography at the points where life, colors and movement are tour can be edited.

Macro photography tour guides the enthusiasts in this subject in order to search and see the detail by zooming a few cm with close-up, macro, close-up shots to the object. It shows where pictures such as flowers, insects, mushrooms can be taken in the easiest and best quality way.

The fact that Turkey has extremely rich and colorful environments and different ecosystems makes the job easier.

Astro photo

The sky, sun, moon, stars and planets have always attracted people's attention. With the development of photographic systems, cameras and lenses, astro photography started to attract attention with the passion of taking pictures of the sky, Sun, Moon, stars and planets that look at us with their magnificent features and images in the endless void of space in the Universe.

At a time when the nearest star is 4 light years away, you are actually photographing the image of the star you photographed, not now but 4 light years ago. Astro photography is very exciting in this respect, and time becomes more complex.

Astro photo are at different distances, at different times, maybe they are not there today.

Astro photo, we can see more than what we can see with our eyes with long exposure photography. You cannot take the photo you want because the celestial bodies seem to be moving with the trail effect of the Earth's rotation around itself.

With a wide lens, you can delay the trail effect and increase the number of objects and image richness. You can reflect depth of space with lenses with a high focal length. Sometimes telescopes can also be used as lenses. For this, it is necessary to learn both the photography technique and astronomy.

Astro photo, you can understand your position in the universe, your size, your importance and what you mean.


Photo exposure is the sum of the amount of light falling on the surface during the photographing process. Exposure is affected by variables such as brightness, shutter speed, aperture value, film or sensor sensitivity.

Exposure also means overexposure when the photo is too bright and underexposure when it is dark. Cameras have exposure meters to measure the amount of light. Exposure is one of the most important, nuanced, and detailed processes in photographing.

Day and Night Shooting

While the details and subtleties of how to take a photo during the day are known, night shots contain much more differences. Photographs taken at night always look better to photographers.

Even though beautiful pictures are taken with the contribution of automatic cameras and modes, night photography is difficult due to light, aperture and curtain issues.

In order to overcome the underexposure problems in night photography, the time period for successful shots should be well known. The pre-sunrise hours, which provide similar light rates as the half-hour or one-hour time following the sunset, are suitable times for night photography.

In order to achieve successful results in low-light night photography, long exposure with a tripod will lead to the desired result with a lot of trials.

Noise can also be reduced by lowering the ISO value in long exposure. In motion pictures, two settings can be set correctly by trial.

It is necessary to be careful and patient in night photography, to avoid moving around, not to vibrate the camera, and not to touch the tripod and camera until the end of the shooting.

In this process, the aperture of the camera in manual mode is between 8 and 20, reducing the ISO value to the lowest number in order to reduce noise and clarify the image, and setting the shutter speed between 8 and 30 will make night photography easier.

The Most Beautiful Places to Take Photos in Turkey

All four corners of Turkey are home to historical and natural beauties where landscape photos can be taken.

Sulu island

Blue and clear, reminiscent of Maldives off the coast of Adrasan, and its white sands offer wonderful views.

Konya Tulip Gardens

Konya Karatay Ismil Tulip Gardens are worth seeing with their delicious and colorful views.

Izmir Sığacık

Seferihisar Sığacık is like a photography studio with its calm, stone streets, white houses and bougainvillea.


The soft sandy beach of Patara, which is no different from Egypt and Dubai, allows you to take desert photos with the hot sun.


Perfect for amateur photographers. The lake view, forest, plateaus, waterfall is like a training ground for photo shoots.

Burdur- Salda Lake

Surrounded by forested hills in Burdur Yeşilova, the karst, closed basin, Turkey's Maldives, visible from space, is the place to be in your photo archive.

Adıyaman-Nemrut Mountain

It is a huge area that should be photographed in the UNESCO world cultural heritage list of the great statues of Apollo and Zeus, where people run to watch the sunset.

Places of photographers and tourists are Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia. The Obelisk, the magnificent Grand Bazaar, and Balat, Galata and Beyoğlu with their historical and cultural beauties are the first to hit the shutter.

Çukurcuma's antique shops and Samatya's seaweed fishermen will take their place in your art album.

Marmara Region is Colorful for Photographers 

Landscape photography tours fly the photographer over greenery in summer in Bursa, Cumalıkızık, Sapanca, Maşukiye, Kartepe, Uludağ and Kartalkaya in the Marmara Region and fly over white snow in winter.

Landscape photography tours take you around the ruins of ancient civilizations, the beauties of Balıkesir, and loads oxygen in Kazdağı National Park, and wanders as if they were a thousand years ago in Ayvalık and Cunda. It also feeds himself at the Devil's Table and washes them in Hasan Boğuldu Waterfall.

It takes you back thousands of years in the ancient city of Ephesus, a favorite settlement of the B.C. 5000's, and in Aydın's Priene Ancient City and offers you some of the healthiest and most delicious dishes on earth by making cold-pressed olive oil in the warm villages of the Aegean.

It ensures that you sunbathe on the warm beaches of the Mediterranean Region, by moving photographers from Muğla and Datça to the east, immerse them in its coves, and tours the ancient cities of thousands of years hidden among magnificent lakes, waterfalls and canyons.

It takes the photographers to the beach in drops from Manavgat Waterfall in Antalya, and runs around in white with the magnificent sight and smell of lavender fields in Isparta.

Fly over the mysterious beauties of Cappadocia with hot air balloons that give you the opportunity to take a breath in Olympos, Manavgat, Kekova, Kemer, Side, Köprülü Canyon and Tahtalı Mountain.

It takes the photographers gliding on the white snow in Erciyes, one of the peaks of Anatolia, to the highlands of the Black Sea, which are lost in the clouds, revealing the magnificent harmony of green and blue.

Photo tours makes its participants gather tea with the hardworking people of the Black Sea in tea gardens, and walks with trembling knees in Ayder Plateau, the symbol of the Black Sea, Uzungöl, Hamsilos, Sürmene, Fırtına Valley, Çoruh, Virgin Mary Cathedral, Rize Castle and Zilkale.

It brings the historical and cultural riches of Erzurum, Ağrı, Iğdır, Kars, Erzincan and Ardahan over the green peaks, lakes and waterfalls of the Eastern Anatolia Region, which passes through the Ovit Mountains and passes through the Kop Passage.

After taking the photographers from Van Lake to the otherworldly environment of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, in many ancient cities and in the streets of Mardin where the hymns of different religions are sung, it gets them to distribute bread to the fish in Urfa Balıklı Lake. Tour points at the Ulu Mosque in Diyarbakır.

Every corner of Turkey is full of fascinating, magnificent historical and natural beauties. Landscape photography tours recommends photography enthusiasts a small list and a list of special photo shoot locations.

Destinations like Diyarbakır, Batman, Şanliurfa, Malatya, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, Mardin and Antakya might draw your attention as they could serve as excellent outdoor photography studios in the southeast. Include Hasankeyf, Harran Plain, Mardin Houses, Balıklı Lake, Halfeti Lake, Antep Bazaar, Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Dara Ruins, Antakya Castle, Perre Ancient City, Zincirli Bedesten in your itinerary.

Make sure to climb Olympos, Kekova, Kemer, Manavgat, Köprülü Canyon and Tahtalı Mountain. Climb to the Sunset Hill with the magnificent view of Cappadocia and fairy chimneys, which are volcanic formations that are thousands of years old. Take a balloon tour in Cappadocia and visit underground cities, fairy chimneys, cave hotels and hills that are thousands of years old.

Take a holiday in Olimpos, the historical buildings from Lycian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations, together with Şirince, which reflects the 19th century Anatolian architecture, in the historical Şirince, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves in the Selcuk district, famous for the ruins of Ephesus, in İzmir.

Kayaköy, once the liveliest settlements with hundreds of abandoned houses and churches, and buy olives and black-eyed peas at the local produce market. Let Marmaris be one of the priorities of the list, reflecting the blues of the Aegean, the blue catalog of the Aegean, and colorful life centers right next to it.

See the sea, plenty of oxygen, different buildings and houses like children running to the tiny beach in Bursa Mudanya Tirilye, the peacefully singing trees of the green catalog Black Sea plateau Artvin Karagöl, Bolu Abant, Ömerci and Sinekli Plateau, where the lake view embraces the forest, make you feel like butterflies.

Hear the rattle and courage of the water falling fearlessly from meters high at Samandere Waterfall. Place magnificent photos of Salda Lake, Turkey's Maldives, whose beauties can be seen even from space, among the treasures you collect.

Place in your mind the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Balat, which has the character of old Istanbul within the city walls. Add Edirne Lavender Gardens and Isparta Lavender Fields to your album, where a purple world is ranked from the brightest to the darkest.

After a race with giant tortoises on the world's liveliest and most wonderful beach in Ölüdeniz, go up to İzmir, Alaçatı, Çeşme, Foça and the ancient cities of Sard, Çeşme, Şirince, Ephesus.

Landscape photography tours bring you back to Istanbul, here's a list:

Include Basilica Cistern, Topkapı Palace, Dolmabahçe and Yıldız Palace, which have a visual, different mystical environment and incredible architecture.

Add a bridge, mosque, and the sunset to the photographers in Ortaköy so that you can see the most beautiful view of the bridges that connect Istanbul, Anatolia to Rumeli, Europe to Asia.

To see Istanbul in 360 degrees, photographers go up to the Galata Tower, take the nostalgic tram, and stroll among the historical buildings. Istanbul's history attracts the Maiden's Tower from Salacak after Balat with its colorful old houses.

Meet with Galata Bridge Fishermen and Eminönü Fish Bakers and taste fish bread. Press the shutter button for beauties in Emirgan Grove, the symbol of tulip season. Consider also Baltalimanı, Polonezköy, Ağva, Şile and Belgrad Forests.

Heaven in every corner, smiling different beauties in every inch of Turkey, landscape photography tours gives a magnificent list to the photographers who travel the mountains.

  1. Adana Pozantı Belemedik Village and the breathtaking view of Dokuzoluk, Hacıkırı Varda Bridge, tinsmiths and cutlery in the bazaar are all must see.
  2. The historical Oturakçı Market in Adıyaman, the historical castle and houses of Afyonkarahisar, the Ihlara Valley in Aksaray and the stunning scenery of Artvin Şavşat cannot be described in words.
  3. Ankara Castle, Şereflikochisar Salt Lake, Antalya Serik Aspendos Antique Theatre, Alara Uçansu Waterfall, Eğrigöl, Kralkoyu are the most sought-after photography places.
  4. See the old houses of Balıkesir, Ayvalık, Cunda Ayvalık, oil pressing and olive harvesting as very valuable studios for photography.
  5. Also see Bursa Cumalıkızık, Alaçam, Küreklidere and Saitabat Waterfall.
  6. Stop by Ayvacık, Troy City, Gallipoli Peninsula, fishing rod and boat fishermen in Çanakkale.
  7. Add Sarıyayla, Güzeldere, Samandere Waterfalls in Düzce, the aesthetic houses of Odunpazarı, the rush of drying and selling pepper and eggplant in Gaziantep to your photographic treasure.
  8. Photographers go to Giresun and watch the view of the Golden Fleece Island, the sea, the birds and the sunset, and take pictures by trekking in the highlands.
  9. Go to Izmir and watch the beauties around the Clock Tower. Don’t forget that Asansör, Karşıyaka Ferry, Urban Forest, Selçuk-Efes-Şirince, Ildır, Karaburun, Sarpıncık Lighthouse, Birgi Village are places that should be on photographers' list.
  10. Photograph the cooper wares in the Bakırcılar Bazaar, which shapes copper and transforms it into art as well as those in Safranbolu Yemeniciler Bazaar.
  11. Make your way to Igneada Longoz Forest in spring or autumn.
  12. See fishermen and the sunset, Pınargözü Cave, Kızılören wheat fields and harvest time at Beyşehir Lake in Konya, and drink ice-cold water from a soil jug.
  13. Tell photography lovers that it is a wonderful feeling to visit the historical streets of Mardin one by one. Kasımiye and Zinciriye Madrasa, Dara Ancient City, Dayrul Photograph Zafaran , its mansions and churches.
  14. Photographers who landed in the Mediterranean; You should definitely see the beauties of Mut Yerköprü and Sunturas Waterfall, the Maiden's Castle, the Cave of Heaven and Hell, Silifke, Taşucu Akgöl National Park, Kayacı Valley, Yazıgöl, Çinigöl, Alagöl, Çiniligöl, Karagöl and Çamlıyayla.
  15. Do not forget that there are excellent areas to take pictures in Muğla and Fethiye with its magnificent views of Boncuklu, Katrancı, Daily, Gemiler bays, Calis Beach, the coast, the promenade, Paspatur, Saklıkent Canyon, Saklıkent Waterfall, Amyntas Rock Tombs, Kayaköy and Ölüdeniz.

Have another crowded list for Istanbul on your agenda:

Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia, Dolmabahçe Palace, Topkapı Palace, Yıldız Palace, Çırağan Palace, Gülhane Park, Ortaköy, Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower, Maiden's Tower, Emirgan Grove, Balat, Bebek, Rumeli Fortress, Anadolu Fortress, Haydarpasa Train Station, Golden Horn, Arnavutköy, Kuzguncuk, Belgrad Forests, Hidiv Pavilion, Ihlamur Summer Palace, Yıldız Park, Polonezköy, Pierre Loti, Sile, Acva, Sulaymaniyah, Beykoz Grove, Riva, Adile Sultan Pavilion, Çengelköy, Camlica Hill, Dragos Hill, Aydos Hill, Büyük Valide Han and Baltalimanı Japanese Garden.

Some of the must see places include the keeper of the Bosphorus, the Maiden's Tower, where legends are surrounded by sadness and joy, Emirgan Grove, the White Mansion, Yellow Pavillion and Pink Pavillion, where tulips join hands and enthuse with Istanbul songs, Beykoz and Gözdağı Woods, which are wonderful in all seasons. Rumeli Fortress waving to its brother Anadolu Hisarı, which overlooks the Bosphorus, should definitely be seen.

Arnavutköy, Çengelköy, Polonezköy, Kuzguncuk, Belgrad Forests, Khedive and Ihlamur Pavilion, Tent Mansion and Malta Mansion, Yıldız Park, Şile, Acva, Riva, Büyükada, Burgazada, Heybeliada and Kınalıada.

Loti Hill, Çamlıca Hill, Dragos Hill, Aydos Hill, Baltalimanı Japanese Garden, where the poet lived and inspired by its magnificent view, are the sights that photographers must visit.

Frequently Asked About Landscape Photography in Turkey