Cappadocia Equine Photography Workshops and Classes

Equine Photography Workshops and Classes

Although they seem like two distant concepts, both are a passion for people. Horse and photography is a way of life for some people: There are not few people who think that they can't live without a horse, without taking pictures. 
When you combine these two seemingly distant concepts, a magnificent synergy arises. horse photography. Equine photography workshop that teaches this craft.

Two in separate lane, one does not make two again. When horse and photography come together, they become 3, five, a hundred, a million. Believe it or not, it often brings endless happiness and satisfaction.  

What is the Benefit of a Equine Photography Workshop?

Wild horse photos incorporate a reviving mystery.
Photography is a magnificent art, and a photographer is an artist. The horse is one of the objects that fits the photo frame best and suits the most. The horse photography workshop that teaches to combine these two.

Equine Photography Classes

The horse's vision, alchemy, awakening, awareness are different, companionship, companionship, comradeship, confidant is different.
Freedom, warrior, youthful spirit, flying like the wind, dancing with fire without fear are on one side, innocence, loyalty, greeting, gliding like a soft light, being a light in the dark are on the other.
For these reasons, the horse is the most beautiful view, the most exciting model, the safest shelter, the most sheltered harbor, the softest pillow on which to rest for the photographer. Horse and photographer are inseparable. A horse photography workshop is a place that hosts this duality together.

Horse Photography Workshop

Human and His Passion for Horses

Where does the passion for horses come from, why do people feel a stirring of excitement when they see a horse, do you know where the source of this feeling comes from?
Let us present you a pack of information about our faithful and ancient friends, the horse:
There are those who believe that the horse was created from the wind, that the power and speed of the wind is transferred to the horse, that the horses are beings that come to earth from the sun. There are legendary horses in fairy tales and talking like a hero. Equine photography workshops show the direction of the wind that makes every frame you take look legendary and fairy tale.

Horses and History

The horse appears in early cave art about 35,000 years ago. Other pictures of animals appear between 15,000 and 12,000 BC. The first horse training manual was published by the Hittites in 1360 BC. With Wild Horse photography workshops, you learn to make history the oldest friend of history with the flavor of documentary.

The Contribution of the Domestication of the Horse to the World

An unsung hero who changes the world when his speed and power are harnessed is the Horse. The horse transformed the world when it was tamed. The speed and power of the horse gave a new perspective to man and the world. You will see this perspective through Equine photography workshops.
Thanks to horses long journeys became short and cultures and languages spread throughout the world. Equine photography workshops show you how to see these tools that transform the world socio-culturally.

The Horse Transforming Human Life

The biomechanics of the horse's limbs are an efficient and comfortable place for man to sit, move. A man and a dog could herd 250 sheep, while a horseman and a dog could herd 700 sheep. Equine photography workshops will teach you to put this creature that transforms human life into stunning frames.

Uses of Horse in Human Life

The horse has so many uses in human life; food, livestock, war, transportation, communication, agriculture, commerce, sports, gifts, industry and entertainment…
Horse manure, which is an addition to the roofing material, is used as fuel for heating and cooking. The horse has amazing contributions to the world. Equine photography workshops tell you how to photograph this hero by imagining different moments.

Horse Photography Workshop

Good Characteristics of Horse

A good horse catches up with the bird, does not get tired, feels the danger, warns its owner, takes the deceased owner to his homeland and the injured owner for treatment. The horse has become such an integral part of human culture that at some point it was not even possible to build an empire without them. Horse photography workshop will enable you to recognize the spirit and contribution that leads people to the empire.
After domestication, the horse also made important contributions to the socio-cultural transformation processes. It shortened long distances as well as making many seemingly impossible things easier.

The horse carried man, pulled his load, plowed his field, herded his animals, became a war vehicle, protected him from dangers. The horse is man's oldest, unchanging, most loyal companion. Equine photography workshops will teach you how to identify a faithful friend in a photo frame.
The horse brings security and wealth. There are societies whose life is still a horse. Like Kazakh immigrants, Northern Siberian Yakuts, Turkmens, Arab Bedouins. In the Wild Market, which was established around Kayseri, one of the entrance gates of Cappadocia, a great income was obtained from the export of horses to foreigners in the XIII century.
Horse is an animal that flies and runs under -40 degrees and 50 degrees desert heat, never sleeps in the eight-month winter, and manages to adapt to hibernation while standing. Equine photography workshops tell about the riches of these amazing transformational heroes who are intelligent, sensitive, adaptable and quick to learn.

Where on Earth Does the Horse Live?

An animal that attracts attention in every geography helps people like camel, sheep, cow and fish. Don’t forget that horses are found in all developed geographies. Contributing to sports, health, culture, industry, agriculture, security and many other fields, the horse has its place and trace in many areas of life.

Horses have given humanity their status. Horses have given people countries, states. The equine photography workshop will teach you to track these wonderful creatures.

Happy Horses Happy People

The horse is inspiration, power and access itself in the development of humanity, the formation of technology, the birth of ideas. The horse does not separate from the human, it moves away as much as it is damaged, it does not take its eyes off the human. The saying "If the horse is happy, the human is happy, the horse's happiness is contagious" is a world heritage. The horse photography workshop allows you to better understand this heritage.

The Era of Horses

With its strength, adaptability to the climate, power and speed, the horse provided great progress to humanity in the fields of social, cultural, art and literature, and inspired the industrial revolution thanks to its power. The horse, which prepared the opportunity for the nations to establish empires, also marked the beginning of the 'Horse Age'. Horse Photography Workshop introduces you to the hero of historical transformations such as Empires, Industrial Revolution, Horse Age.

Eco-Friendly Horse

Where there is a horse, there is also greenery. The horse brings greenery around. What it eats is pruned, revived, fertile. With its excrement, it becomes a seed, a fuel, a nest.

The horse is the guarantor of the green. The equine photography workshop reminds you to look at the horse with an environmentalist eye.

Horse in Developed Countries

Developed countries breed horses, ride horses, and work with horses in agriculture and tourism. Horse is still the focus of literature, art and the west. Even its cities and towns are full of horse statues.

The horse is happy, then man is happy. Equine photography workshops tell you to value this old friend, to show loyalty and to be happy with him.

Countries with Highest Horse Population

USA, China, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Russia, Saudi Arabia are the leading countries in the world in horse breeding.

Horse Theraphy

The physical, cognitive and psychological benefits of the horse, which serves and benefits people in every period of life, spread throughout the world as therapy. Horse-assisted treatments have positive contributions to health with their ability to solve the problem, high feelings, sociability, and human-compatible structure. Equine photography workshop explains that shooting is also a therapy for you.
It provides many benefits to the riders of the horse whose heart rate, respiratory rate and even gait overlap.
These are thought to provide improvements in hand-eye coordination, balance, self-confidence, muscle development, movement and walking ability, muscle strength, hormone and brain processes.

You will see what you can gain from a horse with equine photography workshops.

Benefits of Horse Riding

The horse gives its rider the ability to observe, sense of responsibility, compassion, comparison, panic control, self-confidence, socialization, anger control, motivation and concentration development. As a bonus, distraction provides focusing ability improvements.
The horse, which makes you look physically fit, is a big-hearted friend who loves you unconditionally like your mother. With equine photography workshops, you will better understand what the horse gives so much benefit to the rider and what it brings to the photographer.

Equine Photography

Yes, now let's come to horse photography. People's interest in photography, which has always been an exciting occupation and art since the first day of its shutter release, has increased with the advent and development of social media.

Horse and Social Media

Those who rushed into photography, which started to industrialize with the income of quality photos on social media, started to establish a column for themselves where they published their photos of their passions in different fields.
Photography, which gathered people around a purpose in the most intense and mutually exciting event in history, encouraged those who knew the characteristics of the horse, the beauties of the photograph, and the fascination of each moment.
Horse and photography enthusiasts who find courage in themselves are looking for equine photography workshops to improve themselves, reinforce their knowledge and go even further.
Those who bond with horses in childhood, youth and even maturity, ask about horse photography workshops to do two of their favorite jobs together with their best friends who touched their lives with their camera.

Equine Photography Requirements

Anyone can press the shutter button, but to put art in that little viewfinder requires basic photography knowledge, a camera that will carry you to your goal and quality equipment that will always support you.
In photography, it is necessary to develop the ability to observe heat, light, movement, geography, desire, repetition, experience, life flowing, scenery and events on top of basic knowledge.

The Benefits of Equine Photography Workshop

These factors may be of such a nature that a person can earn and attain alone. However, it causes loss of time, effort, money and beauty that will never come again. Equine photography workshops give you what you might lose.
You can use some of its features after messing around with a new smartphone day and night for days. However, when you consult the user manual and an expert, you will both learn in a very short time and discover all its features. Horse photography workshop gives you exploration, a map of the paths to discovery.
The equine photography workshop shows you how to create a composition, and how to achieve results where you can place very aesthetic, artistic, agile movements and images in the photo frame according to that composition.
The horse photography workshop will teach you how the factors related to the subject of the photograph make a strong contribution to the composition.
The horse is beautiful everywhere, but isn't it more beautiful in the countryside, in the mountains, in the vast fields of its own? Equine photography workshop brings you together with horses in the mountains, in the countryside and in the vast fields.
Equine photography workshop teaches you to read and understand the horse's body language, and to plan the next step, as the horse expresses its feelings, wishes, love and hate very well by using body language.
Meanwhile, equine photography workshops, which teach the horse's foal, motherhood, paternity, mare, horsepower, stallion, social relations with groups, communication with his wife and friends, teach you to enjoy the photo you take.
With the horse photography workshop, you will understand how to place different frames with the color, mane, rearing, running, eyes, eyebrows, hooves and nails of the horse after your heart's content.
With the equine photography workshop, you apply how to reflect the natural light on the horse like a projector.

How to play the shadows on its body in order to capture the most beautiful, aesthetic and magnificent form of the horse.
With the professional equine photography workshop, you will grasp the subtleties of revealing the mystery, innocence, viciousness, and strikingness of the horse by reflecting the light from every direction, and the various variations of the light culture.
After learning and comprehending all the basic information about horse and photography, you will reinforce various shooting methods according to different environment, time, speed and light with Equine photography workshop.
Where, when, at what speed and light will you follow the automatic settings of the camera when taking a photo of a horse? Or will you decide every point and become the master of the cameras? You experience this decision-making process with the equine photography workshop.
It is an important detail to reveal which specific feature of the body according to which type of horse and which features. Equine photography workshop teaches to give priority to the head of the Arabian horse, the speed of the English horse, the muscles of the Kazakh horse, the colors and brightness of the Turkmen horse.
In the equine photography workshop training, you can focus on the magnificently beautiful horses and not show unnecessary details so that those who look at the photo can see a painting that is a work of art.
You will experience seeing the horse first, understanding it, grasping it, feeling close to it, and acting like the same team member in horse photography workshop journeys.
Your love for horses, seeing them as special and valuable, and taking pictures of these beautiful creatures will make you happy. Equine photography workshops make you feel like not being able to distinguish each photo of a horse from each other as if it's a part of you, and seeing each one as a child.
Photographing a horse is hard work. Photographing a horse is usually instantaneous. You can't tell the horse to look right, look left, raise your head a little, smile a little and don't take those big eyes off me.

You have to watch, wait, listen, of course be patient. However, with the equine photography workshop, you will test how these difficulties turn into ease and how they become enjoyable.
The horse has red brown, brown body, black mane and tail, dark yellow body, black mane and tail, white, white and black mixed with dark hairs. Equine photography workshops show you how to paint a picture within this color canvas.
Among the gait styles of the horse, there are light gait, straight and quick gait called “rahvan”, fast trot called trot, gait in the form of leaping and running called gallop. The horse photography workshop will show you how to enter the walking and jogging lane while shooting with these sincere friends.


It is necessary to open a separate section for jades. Jades have a very hard life. The horses of the year, which are squeezed into tight spaces due to people whose living spaces are shrinking, cutting and shrinking everywhere, live in difficult natural conditions. Urbanization and mechanized farming are causing the abandonment of the horse.
People are making agricultural and residential areas where horses live, graze and drink water this year. Jades are helpless. They are struggling to survive on their own in nature. Despite this, the Jades manage to survive, although their numbers are decreasing.
Yilki horses photography workshops that will help you understand the rebellious and free-spirited Jades, wild horse photography tours introduce you to Jades.

Which make their home on the wide plains of Erciyes, where Cappadocia was built from the lava, and the skirts of Erciyes reaching its peak.
Wild horse photography workshops, wild equine photography tours provide you with information about the 250 annual horses living in the areas close to Kayseri Hürmetçi Village, on the border with Cappadocia.

Equine Photographer: Nuri Çorbacıoğlu

There are forerunner people, artists, horse friends and horse photography leaders who have a great effort in disseminating horse photography to the world.
These people are true horse friends, photography enthusiasts, companions, confidants of horses, which carry people on their backs for 35 thousand years and have 5 thousand years of historical memories with people. At the forefront of these is Nuri Çorbacıoğlu Workshops.
Nuri Çorbacıoğlu organizes equine photography workshops in his atelier. He focuses on horses day and night. Nuri Çorbacıoğlu Workshops shares his 35 years of photography. Nuri Çorbacıoğlu is an advanced professional to learn his special techniques in horse photography.
Nuri Çorbacıoğlu is going to Turkey, Cappadocia, to hold an exciting and very impressive workshop.
Cappadocia is a very beautiful region of Turkey. In Cappadocia, which is popular with photographers, you'll see lots of hot air balloons in the sky.
Nuri Çorbacıoğlu, who will run a equine photography workshop.

With his team among the famous cave hotels carved into the rocks on the slopes, and the geological structures of enormous and otherworldly beauty, will share all his experiences with the participants.
As part of the Equine Photography Workshop, Nuri Çorbacıoğlu will share how he sees and works with light, planning a shot with the right angles and perspectives, choosing the backgrounds, everything including the camera adjustment processes during the shoot.
You will have many opportunities and alternatives for photographing horses in Turkey with Nuri Çorbacıoğlu Workshops. You'll find plenty of photo opportunities elsewhere in the area as well.
Turkey, Cappadocia, equine photography workshop, Nuri Çorbacıoğlu Workshops all four in one, what else? All in all, it sounds good and it's exciting.

equine photographer nuri corbacioglu cappadocia Written by Nuri ÇORBACIOĞLU
E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @nuricorbacioglu
WhatsApp: +90 505 469 33 59
Cumhuriyet Mah. Atatürk Blv. No: 70/4 Ürgüp
Nevşehir – Turkey


Equine photographer Nuri Corbacioglu is a specialist in this field.
He is known as Yilki horses photographer and is one of Turkey's most well-known photographers in the wild horse genre.

Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes Equine Photography Workshops and Classes
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