Konya and Beyşehir Lake

You can never imagine Beyşehir Lake like that. In the winter, the fishermen in the lake, break the ice with their boats to set new ways for themselves. This activity is a great challenge for them, but we can catch a perfect visual feast for photographers.

In Beysehir, we will have a chance to visit the Infinite Thanksgiving Village, which is completely reconstructed from mud brick, and take photographs of this interesting old place. We will also visit and photographing Eşrefoğlu Mosque Complex which is being a symbol for Beyşehir.

Of course, we will watch a Sema Ceremony when we go to Konya, we will photograph the Sema ceremony and visit Mevlâna, then we will try to catch colorful photographs on the famous women’s market. We will make final with the historical texture of Sille’s town.


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Equine photographer Nuri Corbacioglu is a specialist in this field.
He is known as Yilki horses photographer and is one of Turkey's most well-known photographers in the wild horse genre.

Konya and Beyşehir Lake
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