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Wild and Free Horses of Cappadocia: Yilki Horses

Running and dusting wild horses in Cappadocia. Horses running in the dust, during summer time. A horsemen catching a wild horse from the herd. A sunset with hundreds of wild horses in Cappadocia.

The Historical Culture of Anatolia: Wild Yilki Horses

In the center of modern Turkey and Anatolia, there is a historical value to us from our ancient history. For ages, a few people were aware of them. Today, the whole world be going to know about them. The free and wild Yılkı Horses of Anatolia! The feeling of run between them, photographing them, or just watching them when a warm wind caresses your face could not be explained with words! Just imagine more than 300 wild horses running and the shaking ground! It is not a film set, it is not a documentary! It is a very real experience for everyone to live!

Most Valuable Components of Anatolian Culture: YILKI HORSES

Yilki horses are living in the middle of Anatolia for ages, their population was higher than that years ago. However, some of them tamed by the people, some of them spread the other areas in near and today there are about 300-350 wild and semi-wild horses. It is a special horse breed living just in Anatolia. For Turkish people, horses have always been important. Even, according to some sources, the first horse tamed by a Turkish clan. After that Turkish people lived on the back of the horses for a long while. From these days to today, the importance of horses never diminished for us. Horses are still our spirit animals!

Photography Experience With Wild Yilki Horses

Today in a small village of Turkey, these beautiful creatures living in their wild and free environment. Trained cowboys gathering them together to make special shows for visitors and photographers. It is one of the best places on the planet for equine photographers! You can shoot 300 horses in just one frame! Or you can shoot 300 different horse portraits! With pure whiteness of the snow in winter, with a huge dust cloud in summer or in the waters in spring!

Let's Arrange Your Place at Yılkı Photography Tours

One of the best places to watch wild horses free and wild living and wild horses photography! You will be regret not coming before! You can book your place for our amazing photography tours at the heart of Anatolia with a unique view of Yılkı horses.

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