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There is a proverb in Anatolia, "There is no beloved like mother, no land like Istanbul". For a photographer, there is no other city that offers such magnificent views as Istanbul.

Istanbul Photography Tours

Does Istanbul photography tour offer many views?

For the photographer, Istanbul is an infinite treasure for the photography enthusiast. The map of these treasures is in istanbul photo tour. Istanbul photography tour takes you to the diamonds, rubies, pearls and diamonds in this treasure.

The photographer feels like a child entering a toy store in Istanbul, whichever direction he looks at is magnificent. Istanbul photography tour is the clerk of this shop, it gives you more beautiful ones than you want.

Istanbul is like a novel that you never want to end. c takes you through the most beautiful, brightest, most mysterious and lively streets and alleys of the novel.

Istanbul is like a fairy tale told by your mother and father when they put you to bed, that carries you to dreams. Istanbul photography tour is your friend who takes you around the Istanbul dream. 

Can We Shoot Romantic Images with Street Photography Workshop Istanbul?

Istanbul is a climate of love for photographers and photography lovers. Istanbul is the most colorful geography created on this planet for those who love to take pictures. He is a geography teacher at Istanbul photography tour.

Istanbul is a saint, Istanbul is poetry, a photographer who looks at Istanbul from the hills falls in love and becomes a poet. Street Photography Workshop Istanbul takes photographers around the most romantic lines of poetry and makes you love Istanbul.

Even the Moon and the Sun are two Istanbulites from eternity. He loves Istanbul very much and watches it from the sky. It becomes a light for photographers viewing Istanbul. Street Photography Workshop Istanbul keeps you flash for the Istanbul photos you need to take.

It is sometimes a walnut tree in Gülhane Park, Istanbul. Street Photography Workshop Istanbul photographers climb the highest branches of this walnut tree for those who want to take pictures. 

Can We Find a Lively City Environment with Istanbul Photography Tour?

Istanbul talks, you listen to Istanbul with your eyes closed. Istanbul Photography Tour translates what Istanbul tells you, and you take a photo of it.

Istanbul plays with you, Istanbul makes you drunk, Istanbul comes at you, like your lover. Istanbul Photography Tour brings photographers together, reconciles and reunites with Istanbul.

It is said that Istanbul has three towers, six poets, and countless minarets. Street Photography Workshop Istanbul says; “There are endless photographers spinning around Istanbul like a propeller.”

What kind of Istanbul will we find with Street Photography Workshop Istanbul? 

Istanbul is the place where the Moon descends and becomes a city. Istanbul Photography Tour is a lighthouse for those who come to Istanbul to take pictures.

When you come to Istanbul, you become Istanbul. You find yourself in the mornings of Istanbul. Street Photography Workshop Istanbul makes photographers find Istanbul.

Istanbul gets bigger as it gets closer. You will disperse in Istanbul to an iota. Your picture is engraved on its stones. Photographers are painters, Istanbul photography tour to the photographer; gives the paint, the brush and the canvas.

Istanbul is for revival. Istanbul accumulates inside you drop by drop. Photographers look for the sea, Istanbul Photography Tour takes you around the sea.

You say you're leaving this city, but you can't. Even if you go, you will definitely come back one day. You return by saying "Istanbul is my dear; my second homeland". The photographer presses the shutter button and says goodbye, Istanbul Photography Tour says 'goodbye' in the last frame.

Istanbul doesn't have summer and winter, it has south winds. The photographer wants to take pictures even in this weather, Istanbul photography tour lodosa chooses a place according to the wind gust. 

What kind of environment awaits you in Istanbul as part of the Istanbul Photography Tour?

Istanbul is the place where ships cruise by land. While the photographers illuminate the night with their lights, Istanbul Photography Tour draws the safest route.

Istanbul is in the form of a monument on the right, a tomb on the left, and a square in the middle. Photographers are those who travel the geometric structure and draw the shapes of Istanbul photography tour.

Istanbul is the place that unites Europe and Asia, two continents, and brings the Black Sea and Marmara together. While photographers and photography enthusiasts are visiting the two seas and the city built on 7 hills, Istanbul Photography Tour is at the helm of the ship you are visiting.

Is It Possible to See the Works of Different Civilizations During Street Photography Workshop Istanbul?

Istanbul is the cradle of civilizations. For photography enthusiasts and photographers; walls, castles, dungeons, clock towers, towers, maiden's tower, gates, columns, you cannot count them all.

Byzantine palaces, patriarchates, churches, synagogues, chapels, synagogues, mosques, domes made of diamonds, masjids, tombs are all side by side. Istanbul photography tour brings you these treasures.

Üsküdar, Eyüp, Kadıköy, Adalar, Arnavutköy, Ortaköy, Golden Horn, Balat, Eminönü, whose windows are on fire every evening, are all gateways to treasures for photographers. Istanbul Photography Tour opens these doors for you. 

Can Street Photography Workshop Bring Photographers to Istanbul Marine Culture?

Istanbul is friendly with water. It gives way to water, works made to use water in the best way are waiting for photographers. The sea is different in Istanbul. Anatolian and Rumelian fortresses, pavilions, lighthouses, piers, baths, fountains, fountains, dams, arches, fountains, cisterns, pools, mansions. Reaching these is easier with Istanbul photography tour. 

Can We Visit Culture and Art Spaces with Street Photography Workshop Istanbul?

Istanbul is the heart of science, art and culture. Hundreds of museums, palaces, complexes, libraries, stages, art galleries, theatres, inscriptions, tiles, sculptures, stones, paintings, paintings, mansions, mansions. Bringing photographers together with these masterpieces is the art of Istanbul Photography Tour.

The name of the geography where the concepts of city, history, culture and art fit together and gain meaning in the world is Istanbul.

Istanbul is the world capital. The Hippodrome was considered the center of the 1500-year-old world capital. The Pharaoh's Obelisk was brought from Egypt.

The cradle of civilizations, respectful of those before it, the capital of culture, Istanbul is a city of monuments with seven crowns on its seven hills. The Istanbul Walls are the most important defense line in history after the Great Wall of China.


What Kind of Living Environment Will We See with Street Photography Workshop Istanbul? 

Istanbul is a magnificent ecosystem. Waiting for photography enthusiasts and photographers with lots of bird houses, trees, plane trees, oaks, cypresses, pine pines, redbuds, horse chestnut, magnolia, gardens, groves, birds, seagulls, fish make you breathe, Istanbul photography tour takes you around with pleasure.

Istanbul is a world city that brings together all its features and unique beauties at the summit. Compared to Istanbul, there is no other world city superior to it with all its features and beauties.

For 1000 years, there was no city brighter than Istanbul in history. Istanbul is a city that lives in fairy tales.

Human history in Istanbul, one of the oldest cities in the world, goes back to 400,000 years ago. 

What Will Istanbul Photography Tour Bring to Participants?

Photography is the art of lighting. Istanbul Photography Tour is an artist.

Joining the istanbul photography tour with a guide for photography enthusiasts, photography lovers and professional photographers will allow you to capture unforgettable shooting opportunities. Istanbul photography Tour is a great opportunity to develop photography within the treasure of Istanbul.

If you are just starting out in photography, you will learn basic methods and information. If you are a professional photographer, you will enjoy taking great shots.

Istanbul Photography Tour not only plans the most photogenic views of Istanbul; makes plans that will increase your knowledge to the next level in order to create the scene in your mind, to increase your awareness, to improve your photography technique and skills, to learn the techniques of camera settings, to examine the landscape, and to analyze the environment. Istanbul Photography Tour offers great opportunities for you to master.

You will definitely need a photographer who will show you the right time and place to press the shutter button, and who knows every detail of Istanbul's streets and avenues. Istanbul Photography Tour meets all your photography needs.

If you want to have your own photos taken in Istanbul, one of our street and fashion photographers can guide you and take your photos by walking around with you. 

Does Istanbul Photography Tour Plan Private Tours?

Decide how many days in Istanbul, on which subjects, in which categories, what type and how many photographs you want to take, and we will plan an unforgettable Istanbul Photography Tour for you. Let us organize special tours for you in this dream city according to your wishes. 

What is the Street Photography Workshop Istanbul Tour Route?

Now I will try to explain what we are doing in the Istanbul photo shoot tour:

The most practical way to discover the world heritage in Istanbul, which is equipped with countless historical, cultural and artistic works, and to take the most beautiful photographs of Istanbul, is to follow the Byzantine and Ottoman works.

Is Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmet included in the Route of Street Photography Workshop Istanbul?

The Istanbul photography tour, which starts from Sultan Ahmet Square and goes down to the Galata Tower and Karaköy, takes about five hours. With the Istanbul Photography Tour, you will discover the beauties of Istanbul that you will never see and take photos with us. Take advantage of a great opportunity for photographers who want to shoot vintage scenes.

The center of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires for years, Istanbul is a land of opportunities for photography enthusiasts and photographers, with treasures known to the world such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace and Blue Mosque.

You can see artifacts from all periods of history, from Rome to Byzantium, Ottoman treasures and the Republican period.

We meet in the Sultan Ahmet area and start the photography tour of this magnificent and magical city, which is home to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What's on in Istanbul Sultan Ahmet district during Street Photography Workshop?

Sultan Ahmet Square is an important cultural island. It is the richest open-air hall of the European continent, extending from Divan Yolu to Beyazıt, stretching from Cağaloğlu to the sea.

Sultan Ahmet Square, its surroundings, the Grand Bazaar is the starting point of the world.

The Topkapı Palace-Hagia Sophia-Sultan Ahmet triangle reflects the Istanbul landscape of unparalleled splendor and elegance in the world.

Sultan Ahmet Square is an atmosphere where magnificent works of art from every civilization are collected.

The Istanbul Photography Tour route includes Sultanahmet Square, Blue Mosque, Theodosius Obelisk, Topkapi Palace, New Mosque, Galata Bridge, Galata Tower and Hagia Sophia.

Istanbul photography tour starts the tour in this square with the Hagia Sophia Photo Tour. For interior photography, Hagia Sophia is full of wonderful surprises. With this incredible architecture and dome, which means "Divine Wisdom", Hagia Sophia was the largest church in the world for years.

From Sultan Ahmet to the Grand Bazaar, we will illustrate the highlights of the Ottoman and Byzantine heritage, such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace Garden, where the rulers lived during the Ottoman Empire.

Then, we will walk across to the Blue Mosque. After taking the most colorful pictures of daily life in Sultan Ahmet Square, we will visit the Blue Mosque. You will admire the thousands of blue tiles that give the mosque its name and take plenty of photos. 

Is Istanbul Hippodrome included in the Street Photography Workshop?

Then we continue to Istanbul photography tour with Hippodrome. We will visit the Hippodrome, which was built for fun and games by the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus in 203 B.C. The Hippodrome, where various sports activities and horse races were held, was also a social center.

Will Street Photography Workshop Istanbul Take a Tour of the Galata Tower?

From here we will walk to Karaköy and from there we will go to Galata. We will ascend to the Galata Tower, following the footsteps of the once Italian, Greek, Jewish, Austrian, Russian and German cultures.

We will visit Galata Tower, one of the symbols of Istanbul and one of the oldest towers in the world, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2013.

Galata Tower has a magnificent 360-degree view of Istanbul. You will take amazing photos of Istanbul from the top of this historical tower, with a magnificent panoramic view of Istanbul.

We will take a break and have a rest at the rooftop cafe with a magnificent view in Galata.

You will learn about Istanbul and photograph its historical places and friendly people on this trip you join for the Istanbul Photography Tour.

After visiting the historical monuments, we will walk through narrow streets to catch the spirit of Istanbul. We will take great street and cityscape photos.

The wonderful pictures you will take will make you forget your tiredness.

Where Will Street Photography Workshop Istanbul End?

We will walk to Cihangir and complete the Istanbul Photography Tour by seeing the daily life of Istanbul, its churches, old buildings with historical, cultural and artistic value, and bridges.

Galata Bridge, Karaköy and Eminönü are the busiest meeting points of people from 72 nationalities living in Istanbul. Here you can photograph the beginning of a new life every morning, the awakening of this magnificent city, the efforts of ships, fishermen, seagulls and people running towards their goals. 

Q: How much is the participation price of Istanbul Photography Tour, what are the conditions?
A: Two participants are required to participate in the Istanbul Photography Tour. Participation prices are USD for each participant. Professional English-speaking guide is included in the price. 


Q: If two friends join the Istanbul Photography Tour, what will be the price per person?
A: The price for two people is USD in total.

Q: Is there an extra discount when I join the Istanbul Photography Tour with my wife?
A: Yes, when the spouses join together, the total price for two people is USD.

Q: Is there a family discount when we join the Istanbul Photography Tour as a family?
A: Yes, the price is USD per person for a family of at least 3 people. USD per person for families of four; USD per person for families of five; USD per person for each member of 5 or more participants.

Q: Are there any commercial areas you would like us to see after the Istanbul Photography Tour?
A: Make sure you spend more time in the Grand Bazaar, where there are about 4000 shops and everything is bought and sold, and the Spice Bazaar, where you can find all kinds of Spices. You can take amazing photos, shop and taste wonderful Turkish delicacies here.

Q: Are there any other important marches and squares you would like us to see?
A: Yes, stroll through the narrow streets of Istiklal, the historical and most popular street of Istanbul. You will discover the most lively places of Istanbul and take great photos. Taksim is the heart of Istanbul, the main artery of Istiklal Street. Spend more time in Taksim Square.

Q: Apart from Mosques and Churches, are there any special religious places you would recommend us to see?
A: You should visit the Fener Patriarchate and see the Balat district, the old Jewish part of the city, and spare more time.

Q: Can you provide a list of buildings, places and environments that have historical, cultural and social value that you would like to include in the itinerary?
A: Great idea! Seeing the list of places we recommend will greatly benefit you, your photography and your technique:

Pera, Tophane, Bosphorus, ports, coast, palaces, pavilions, mansions, mansions, groves Istanbul photography Tour recommends for you.

Üsküdar, Kadıköy, Saray Hill, Sarayburnu, Golden Horn, Süleymaniye, Valide Sultan, Fatih, Yavuz Sultan Selim, Tekfur Palace, Serasker Gate, mansions of Rumeli and Anatolian coasts, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Eyüp, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Çora monastery-Kariye Mosque, Hagia Irene Church, Yerebatan Palace, 3rd Ahmet Fountain are all different colors of Istanbul.

Q: Which structures would you recommend regarding tiles?
A: Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Rüstem Pasha Mosque and Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque, which is called the Blue Mosque due to the legend of its tiles, are the three mosques of Istanbul famous for their tiles.

Q: Can we take a photo of the sarcophagus?
A: Absolutely yes! One of the most famous museums in the world, the Istanbul Archeology Museum includes the Tomb of Crying Women from Sidon, Lebanon, and the famous Alexander Sarcophagus, Latin era artifacts.

Q: Are there any districts famous for their flavors?
A. Yes. You can eat yogurt in Kanlıca, boza in Vefa, trotters in Beykoz, and cream in Eyüp, these are world-famous Istanbul delicacies.


Every people heard something about Istanbul in life at least once, the well-known Konstantina Polis with its old name from beyond the Ottoman Culture. It was mentioned as ‘The Capital City of the World’ for long years because of its political and geographical conditions.
Cultural and Historical Context of Istanbul It hosted too many civilizations during history include Byzantine and Ottoman culture. Today it still has this big fame. Many antipodal societies were living in this city and of course, all of them leave a mark on their culture around here. In every step of you in these beautiful streets, you will see a different history from different ages and different cultures from Anatolia to Greek. With this tour, you will get the chance to examine various historical ruins and different horizons about numerous civilizations just in one city.
To be honest, you can not discover the whole of Istanbul or whole must-see places in Istanbul just in a few days! It is really big and there are too many places that should see. To discover Istanbul step by step, you should live here at least for one month! However, with us, you will see the best places in it! Famous Sultan Ahmet Cami and
Hagia Sophia of main masterpieces of the Ottoman era. Bosphorus Bridges that tie two continentals to each other, the Big Island that too away from city life, treasure Aghia Sophia and the rest. In addition, other cultural figures like belly dancer and Turkish the delight which is one of the most well-known pieces of Turkish culinary is waiting to be experienced by its visitors.

Visual Content Opportunities for Istanbul Photography Tours Participants

Istanbul is one of the best places in the world for all kinds of photographers. It has the most beautiful views in the world for landscape photography, with its Bosphorus and forests. In this context, Istanbul photography tours provide lots of amazing view opportunities to attendees, especially those who are looking for amazing historical themes and contents for their photography projects. Because of its too much historical structure, it
also has good views for street and cityscape photographers. Besides the Istanbul landscape photographers, for the travelers who love to taste different flavors, Istanbul is like heaven! You can find too many kinds of cuisine here! You will understand the Turkish Kebap is not the only meal Turks eat, and not the best one! It still carries out the Ottoman Culture and its cuisine beside the modern Turkish culinary. And again, you will see that Turkish Delight not the best desire in Turkey! You can taste these traditional tastes and many others with the classic entertainment of Turkish Nights with the famous belly dancers!

Let's Book your Place at Istanbul Photography Tours Now!

Every people must see Istanbul and feel that amazing soul of it. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In our Istanbul Photography tour package, we provide lots of opportunities and amazing travel experiences to our participants.

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