Astrophotography in Cappadocia Nights


Starry Night at Authentic Environment of Cappadocia

Are you ready to open the darkness of the sky? Photographing the impressive views of millions of stars? The nights of Cappadocia are more mysterious than their days! The feeling of freedom comes to you with the warm wind of the night. It feels like everything is
possible on that clear night full of stars!

Long Exposure Workshop at Cappadocia

During the long exposure workshop, we will photograph stars and maybe some naughty clouds! We will choose a location within walking distance to the city to escape the city lights so we can see more stars in the sky. The time of the workshop will change according to the group’s dynamics. It would be 2 hours minimum or until the morning.
It is a big opportunity for photographers! Photographing stars with long exposure with the fairy chimneys on amazing Cappadocia nights! Outdoor photographers and travelers must live this experience! You will get very good star photographs and night photography! If you hesitate about the result, we can help you with Photoshop editing also!

National Park with Its Amazing Sky View

Besides the Cappadocia, according to your desire, we can change the destination of star exposure. For example, Sultan Sazlığı National Park is a good option for star exposure and it is just 50 minutes away from Cappadocia!

Let's Book Your Place at Star Exposure Workshop

Night photography of fairy chimneys and millions of stars with a long exposure! You can reserve a place our next tour to Cappadocia, and you can experience new night photography techniques due to our long exposure workshop.

What will we need?

A camera with manual settings of course
A tripod that pegs our camera
A remote controller to take photos without touching the camera
A wide-angle lens so we can see all the stars
And the essential; the patience of course!

Also, don’t forget to bring your bug spray and maybe you want to drink some whisky to protect you from the coldness!

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Equine photographer Nuri Corbacioglu is a specialist in this field.
He is known as Yilki horses photographer and is one of Turkey's most well-known photographers in the wild horse genre.

Star exposure workshop with fairy chimneys in our frame. Long exposure night photography in Cappadocia with fairy chimneys and stars on the sky. One of the biggest fairy chimney in our frame with thousands of star on the sky
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