Bird Photography

What is Bird Photography?

For Bird photography, it is necessary to know the geography well, to know the subtleties of photography and to have a good command of the subject. Nuri Chorbacioglu, who is also a photographer and film artist, is an expert on Turkish Geography, with knowledge, skills and equipment on bird photography.

Bird photography is also included in special interest tourism.

Spending money on people's leisure time creates a market for the special interest tourism industry. Bird photography is also included in this type of tourism. Nuri Chorbacioglu is one of the pioneers of special interest tourism activities with his tourism agency.

Bird photography travels are also considered within the scope of 'avitourism'. Nearly 500 bird species in nearly 200 bird areas in Turkey indicates that it is an important center for bird photography .

The majority of bird photographers, educated and high-income people prefer to work with local guides where they take bird photos. Nuri Chorbacioglu is one of the expert local guides on Sultan Reeds and Cappadocia. Nuri Chorbacioglu is also known as a fixer, photographer and film artist in Bird Sanctuary.

Bird photography is the colorful world of bird lovers

Bird photography is a very special area of interest for those who love birds and are interested in their colorful worlds.

Birdwatching is a wonderfully enjoyable job, occupation, and hobby that only those who do can understand.

While you are birdwatching, after a while, you will be eager to tell and share the features and beauties you see these magnificent creatures possess and you would want others to see that. Of course, you will need to take photos for this.

Bird photography you will want more people to know and love the colorful birds you watch and observe, their features and beauties, and to know and protect their world.

Thanks to Bird Watching and bird photography, photos of these beautiful creatures are shared, the effort spreads and becomes widespread, and the number of those who protect the lovers increases.

Bird photography is to photograph a colorful, active and action-packed habitat that is constantly in motion, flying, gliding, fidgeting in seconds.

Bird photography is the art of capturing and displaying colorful worlds in a moment, sometimes in a shorter period of time, that can be measured in seconds.

Birds you want to view and photograph, let alone posing for bird photographers, love an adventure escaping by chasing them. From this point of view, bird photography requires a great deal of effort, effort, motivation, concentration, time and money.

It will not be possible to achieve the desired and expected successful results if you do not have this important and special equipment in the bird photography business, which generally requires very important and special equipment.

Bird photography strongly feel this need for the first shots they take without having the necessary important and special equipment. Seeing that these equipments are essential like air and water, they supply them as soon as possible.

First of all, do not forget that you are the guest of the birds you want to observe, the view and photograph of the birds, the environment, the water, the green areas, and the trees in which you will take shelter.

Do not forget that you should behave in the same way when and where you do bird photography, as you do at the place where you go as a guest. Just as you have to treat the environment, home, property, assets, and hostess with respect, do not ignore the fact that you should not harm the world of these creatures you are visiting.

Keep in mind that if you do not respect the eco-system you are admiring, you will not find the beautiful birds in the next step, nor the places you can go, perhaps the trees under which you can take shelter.

Do not harm the position of the inanimate, the environment in which the living things live. You must accept that they have their own specialties, that the living spaces are exceptional and that they belong to them.

Do not harm the habitat of any living thing, especially birds, do not scare, do not make noise, do not target, do not use as a target.

Do not remove even the smallest stone, do not damage dry branches, tree hollows or trunks. You do not know under which stone, branch or leaf there are lives, nests, eggs, and how many cubs are waiting for their mother with their mouths open.

Do not approach the nests, do not scatter them, do not be afraid to take pictures, do not force the birds to flee. Do not hold the nest, egg or bird in your hands, never kiss or caress, even to love. You can spread or get sick.

Do not set traps for birds, do not make noises to deceive or entice them. Stay away from behaviors that will disrupt the peace and natural flow of the environment. Do not shine light such as lanterns, spotlights, lamps, headlights on birds and their nests . Remember how the light pollution around you disturbs you, prevents you from sleeping, and how your health deteriorates when you cannot sleep. Same thing.

Stay away from behaviors that will harm their feeding areas and time. Do not pollute these areas, do not forget your belongings as you will not leave any waste.

Bird photography requires that you respect the birds and the venue you are visiting, and follow the ethical rules.

Digital Cameras Raise Interest for Bird Photography

Digital cameras have caused many new people to be added to bird photographers in Turkey. Bird photography began to increase each other.

Bird photographers or birders follow generally accepted principles.

A. Environmental principles:

The priority is the environment.

The observer is the guest

It does not harm the environment and respects all living and non-living things.

It does not displace any surrounding entity.

It uses existing paths to avoid additional damage to the environment. Its aim is to always improve the environment.

Every living thing is unique.

Do not enter private property without permission.

B. Personal Principles

When the creature feels uncomfortable, it moves away from there.

Bird photography does not harm the environment in which the creature lives.

It sets up its camouflage in an inconspicuous place.

It does not approach the nests, it cannot follow the birds.

The bird, which has not come to the nest for half an hour, leaves its environment and camouflage.

It does not harm the trees in any way.

It does not use instruments that summon birds.

It does not make noise, does not wear attention-grabbing color clothes.

Courtship areas avoid crowded roosts and feeding places.

It does not use artificial light.

It does not enter the environment of the rarely seen creature and does not report it to anyone other than the authorized person. It does not touch the egg, the nest or the birds.

It sets an example for other bird photographers and watchers.

In bird watching you do not take anything from the area you observe and leave nothing.

Successful bird watching is one of the factors which require being a successful bird photographer.

Clothes that are necessary, appropriate and adequately equipped, that can hide successfully without frightening or disturbing the birds, and that will prevent the birds from being noticed easily, will be successful in this job.

Equipment to be Used in Bird Photography

Colorful birds flying or gliding should have a camera with high tracking ability.

Continuous focusing ability is not the same for every camera. The speed at which the camera can shoot in rapid succession is also an important factor here.

Birds that can reach very high speeds are at a faster flight speed than you see. Such high-speed and motion-varying subjects can be photographed with cameras capable of shooting at 5 frames per second.

It is difficult to approach because birds are creatures that generally run away from people and are afraid of people. Lenses with a focal length of 400mm and above make this challenge easier for you. Those who use tele lenses with such high capabilities should have the same capabilities as the lens.

First of all, it is important to pay attention to the shutter speed and even use a teleconverter when taking photos.

The size of your telephoto lens makes it impossible to get close to the birds and take pictures if you don't have successful concealment. Bird photography focus requires that you opt for lenses larger than 400mm makes your job easier.

Lenses with a large aperture are advantageous in situations where the light is insufficient and the flying bird is a moving subject. In telephoto shooting, a monopod or tripod is required to keep the camera still, as the camera shakes will deteriorate the picture quality .

To take the memory cards of digital cameras at the highest possible capacity, and even to store, back up and archive photos, units should be available in terabytes.

Since photographers shoot in raw and nef formats, they are reviewed in photo processing programs, cleaning is done by deleting some incorrect framing, insufficient light and incorrect exposures.

To hide, you must have a camouflage tent and net and binoculars, a tripod with a ball head, a swivel head, and a bird guide book.

Turkey's climate is ideal for a wide variety of bird species

Turkey's climate is ideal for a wide variety of bird species. Nearly 500 bird species can be observed in Turkey.

Bird photography is one of the special and technically difficult branches of nature photography. In order to take a beautiful photo, it is necessary to make the right settings and take a clear photo in a matter of seconds.

This activity, where you can relax at the end of a tiring and stressful working environment, takes away the stress by photographing the magnificence of the green and blue combination of birds.

Bird photography can be taken clearly and accurately with lenses that can shoot from far distances, as well as a camera with a high focus and burst speed.

When using lenses over 400 mm, it requires care, you should also pay attention to the shutter speed and benefit from the ease of using a teleconverter.

Have knowledge of photography techniques, obtain the necessary equipment.

Bird photography is not possible without getting to know the birds.

Birds are aesthetic and beautiful creatures. It has a wide range of species, life, behavior. It is not possible to do bird photography without knowing, loving and wanting to protect birds. It is essential to know the bird species, to know which ecosystem they live in, and to follow the migration times.

Birds detect the light, angle and scene conditions, and you warn them. Despite its difficulties, bird photography is very enjoyable and enjoyable.

There are some tricks in order to take the photos you want, for this: you should know the equipment well, know its secrets and limitations, and apply the rules of photography as necessary.

You should be focused only on birds as you are willing to abide by the situation where you have to follow the birds schedule.

If the sun and wind are in the same direction, you can shoot birds flying. The sun should always be behind you. Photographing birds is easy at diagonal rather than right angles of the sun.

Birds are beautiful at sunrise and sunset. If you are photographing birds in a crowd, make sure that the wings are separated and the birds are separated.

Plan the background plain and blank. If you know the behavior, movements and reactions of the birds, your photo will be of better quality.

Be patient, get used to waiting. Be slow and calm, avoid sudden movements. Know your camera's settings well, get rid of the computer and the phone.

An important part of the bird species are migratory birds that come to Turkey only in the winter months. The regions where the most bird species coexist in Turkey and which are considered the most important for birds are as follows:

  • Çamaltı Saltworks
  • Sultan Reeds
  • Bird Sanctuary National Park
  • Darica Bird Sanctuary
  • Lake Egirdir
  • Beysehir
  • Eber
  • Akşehir lakes surroundings
  • Riva,
  • mogan lake,
  • Manyas Bird Sanctuary ,
  • Nallihan Bird Sanctuary,
  • Meriç Delta,
  • Bafa Lake,
  • Goksu Delta,
  • Birecik for bald ibis
  • Efteni Lake Bird Sanctuary
  • Important bird watching centers of the world;
  • Taiwan Chang-Hua,
  • Patagonia,
  • South African Capetown,
  • America Hawk mountain Conservation Area,
  • Australia Philip Island Nature Park,
  • America Texas Rock Pat Hummer bird