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Turkey Van City Photography Tours

Discover Cultural Horizons of Eastern Turkey with Van Photography Tours

Van, the capital city of Eastern Turkey! It has a gorgeous history full of wars
and victories. Dozens of civilizations were live in here for thousand years and all
of them leave a sign from themselves. Today Van bearing the trace of various of
different states and religions. It also called as City of Castles in some foreign
countries. Because it has a very huge and magnificent castles from the war times.
Van is a good city for street and landscape photographers. It has beautiful
historical streets and houses that represent the understanding of North Eastern
Anatolian architecture. And there is Van Lake for the landscape
photographers. With its seagulls! Yes, it is as big as a sea! And the color of it
mentioned in too many poems and novels!

The Special Icon of City: Van Cats

Of course, you will not come back before you visit the special cat breed of the
Van! Van Cats are known and loved by most people. They have different colors
in their two eyes, one is blue and the other one is green. This is the characteristic
feature of them. They are so beautiful with their eyes and pure white feathers!
With the Van photography tours, you can find lots of colorful cat themes for
your photographs.


Other Aspect of Eastern Anatolia: Kars

The other destination for our photography tours is the Kars, the city of winter.
You will experience a different winter in that city. We will use the train to get
there. Train travel will be the best part of our Kars photography tour.
During the travel you will watch the whiteness of Turkey in winter it is like a
The most famous thing about Kars is the Ancient city of Ani. A thousand years
ago it had witnessed thousands of people’s life, happiness, and suffering for
ages. Today it is like a ghost city. Abandoned by people. It has too many different
legends told by different people about its history and you will find the chance to
listen to its mysterious story from some historians. It located in the middle of Turkey
and the Armenia border. It will feel like you are in the ‘Lord of The Rings’ movie
and it will make you question the meaning of life!

Book Your Place Our Next Eastern Turkey Photography Trip Now!

Besides photography, the best thing about the eastern cities of Turkey, their
cuisine! That makes this tour also a culinary tour! During the whole tour, you will
taste so many different flavors of Eastern Turkey culinary and gourmet
culture! History, culinary, and photograph! Here the list of what's in our Van
Photography tours:
- Train trip to the city of Winter "Kars"
- Gastronomic and gourmet culture of Easter Turkey.
- Landscape photograph practices with the Natural Beauty of Van Lake.

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