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Southeastern Anatolia Photography Tours

Prepare to Discover Cultural Horizons of Anatolia With Antep - Urfa Photography Tours

One of the best destinations for Eastern Turkey, Gaziantep and Sanliurfa with their full
names. The adjectives in front of the names are coming from their wonderwork during the
Liberty War. “Gazi” means veteran and “Sanli” means glorious in Turkish. Both of them
have an excellent culinary culture for long years and they still protecting their authentic
specialties and atmosphere in Anatolia. They both were used by different civilizations in
history. However today mostly you can find many traces of Ottoman culture and
Persian Culture in both cities. Especially Gaziantep has more historical places than
Sanliurfa represents Anatolian life standards.

Gaziantep - Sanliurfa Local Photography Tours

Especially Gaziantep is like a museum with its gastronomic circumstance which is great
for gourmet tour lovers.! There are so different and so famous tastes you can find. It is
one of the best places for people who like to taste different meals of Anatolian culture.
Gaziantep cuisine is one of the kinds with its variety in Turkey. Besides its meals, its
desserts totally worth your extra weight! In addition to all these, as a city, Gaziantep is
one of the biggest industrial cities in Turkey. Despite this, it succeeds about to protect its
traditional side, with its architecture, streets, historical ruins which is residual of
Ottoman culture… If you like to travel to places that unknown by most people
and discover these places with your camera in your hand, Gaziantep is totally for you.
You will taste the best culinary in Turkey, you will feel the history and you can experience the traditional side of Anatolian and Turkish culture. Also, there are lots of amazing places
for photographers who like to take local tours and traditional photography tours.
Sanliurfa previously famous for its culinary deepness also, however, today add
someone else to these gastronomic views; the history of humankind. It hosted the oldest
civilizations in history that contain such values of Byzantine and Ottoman culture.
During the Byzantine period with its former name “Edessa”, it accepted as the capital city
of the music! It was also mentioned as “City of Prophets”. There are so many places that
come down from those times. Also, recently people discovered the Gobekli Tepe (Potbelly
Hill) and until now the historians accepted it is as the first temple of the world! The
excavation works still continuing!

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Shortly you will discover the different culinary of these two cities, one of the biggest
mosaic museums in the world Zeugma Mosaic Museum, the first temple of the world
life. On the other hand, local places like Gobeklitepe, the famous Abraham Path that
bears so many traces from prophets and much more about Anatolian and Persian
A culture that will feed your traditional photography capabilities. You can book your
place at traditional photography tours with amazing discount opportunities here.

Advantages of Antep-Urfa Photography Tours:

- More Than a Photography Tour
- Technical and Process Oriented Photography Methods
- Amazing Cultural Experience with differents aspects of Anatolia

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