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Mardin Midyat Photography Tour

An Artistic Local Photography Experience at the Heart of
Mardin, the tale city of Turkey. As a word, it means ‘the castles’. In ancient times, it
used by so many different nations. Because of its landscapes, it was one of the best
places for people to hide and defend themselves during the wars. Today when you
walking around the Mardin, you can smell the history between these narrow streets. The
stone Mesapotamia houses take you to the other times. The biggest reason for this the
12 thousand years history of the city. Also, because its unique and wisely
architectural understanding was shaped by Persian culture, you can feel a warm wind
in every small street.
Historical Aspect of Mardin
During this long history, it hosted too many different religions. That’s why today there are
too many sanctuaries for various beliefs. You can see all of these beliefs’ history in
Mardin. It blends too many cultures within its borders from Persian culture to Ottoman
Culture. The most famous thing about Mardin is its endless flat that called
Mesopotamia. On foggy days it looks like a sea if you do not look very carefully. You
will feel the peerless atmosphere of the city when you walking around the streets full of
stone houses.
Artistic Context of Mardin For Traditional Photographers
Mardin has really great opportunities for photographers with its history, architecture, and Mesopotamia flats. Traditional photography and landscape photography of
these streets, local people, stone houses, too many churches, and mosques. One other
famous thing of Mardin is its pigeons. Every sunset hundreds of pigeons sailing on this historical architecture. You should not miss this visual feast.
Mardin probably has the most delicious cuisine in Turkey! It is a perfect city for the
people who like to eat different kinds of meals, taste the most interesting flavors.
Especially in special Turkish Nights in Mardin, you can eat the delicious traditional
cuisine meals and live the Turkish Culture with local entertainments. You can taste the
special local wine of Mardin too. Also, you can find the best Turkish Coffee here!
Experience Mardin's Authentic Atmosphere with Photography Tours
For the ones who like to discover different places and different cultures, Mardin is a very
good place to understand too many different cultures at the same time! You can shop on
its long streets that full of wine shops, traditional local soap shops, and hand made filigree
gift of jewelry! Let's book your place at Mardin photography tours now.

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