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Istanbul Photography Tours: A Journey Into the Heart of Oldest Civilization

Every people heard something about Istanbul in life at least once, the well-known Konstantina Polis with its old name from beyond the Ottoman Culture. It was mentioned as ‘The Capital City of the World’ for long years because of its political and geographical conditions.
Cultural and Historical Context of Istanbul It hosted too many civilizations during history include Byzantine and Ottoman culture. Today it still has this big fame. Many antipodal societies were living in this city and of course, all of them leave a mark on their culture around here. In every step of you in these beautiful streets, you will see a different history from different ages and different cultures from Anatolia to Greek. With this tour, you will get the chance to examine various historical ruins and different horizons about numerous civilizations just in one city.
To be honest, you can not discover the whole of Istanbul or whole must-see places in Istanbul just in a few days! It is really big and there are too many places that should see. To discover Istanbul step by step, you should live here at least for one month! However, with us, you will see the best places in it! Famous Sultan Ahmet Cami and
Hagia Sophia of main masterpieces of the Ottoman era. Bosphorus Bridges that tie two continentals to each other, the Big Island that too away from city life, treasure Aghia Sophia and the rest. In addition, other cultural figures like belly dancer and Turkish the delight which is one of the most well-known pieces of Turkish culinary is waiting to be experienced by its visitors.

Visual Content Opportunities for Istanbul Photography Tours Participants

Istanbul is one of the best places in the world for all kinds of photographers. It has the most beautiful views in the world for landscape photography, with its Bosphorus and forests. In this context, Istanbul photography tours provide lots of amazing view opportunities to attendees, especially those who are looking for amazing historical themes and contents for their photography projects. Because of its too much historical structure, it
also has good views for street and cityscape photographers. Besides the Istanbul landscape photographers, for the travelers who love to taste different flavors, Istanbul is like heaven! You can find too many kinds of cuisine here! You will understand the Turkish Kebap is not the only meal Turks eat, and not the best one! It still carries out the Ottoman Culture and its cuisine beside the modern Turkish culinary. And again, you will see that Turkish Delight not the best desire in Turkey! You can taste these traditional tastes and many others with the classic entertainment of Turkish Nights with the famous belly dancers!

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Every people must see Istanbul and feel that amazing soul of it. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In our Istanbul Photography tour package, we provide lots of opportunities and amazing travel experiences to our participants.

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