Susan Flickinger, Usa / Photographer

Early in November I had the pleasure of spending the day shooting alongside Nuri Corbacioglu and Nuri and this team. They found me at my hotel, eager for images and stories, anxious to improve my technique and storytelling skills.

They generously provided me with all that I could possibly want and more. Over the course of the day we visited a variety of locations, all timed for the best possible light. We stopped at overlook spots, horse ranches and we even drove far away to see some of the famous wild horses of Cappadocia. Beyond the photo opportunities, we enjoyed tea and meals with locals and we visited a small Kazakh village that is supported by Nuri. Nuri and this team have well developed relationships with the people we met and intimately know the shooting locations. Their deep connection to the region is certainly the reason I came home with many quality images. And just as importantly, I came home feeling like I shared friendship with the people I met along the way. This was a day I will never forget and I can’t recommend it highly enough.