Winter Tourism in Turkey and Winter in Cappadocia

Winter Tourism in Turkey and Winter in Cappadocia Winter Tourism in Turkey and Winter in Cappadocia Winter Tourism in Turkey and Winter in Cappadocia Winter Tourism in Turkey and Winter in Cappadocia Winter Tourism in Turkey and Winter in Cappadocia Winter Tourism in Turkey and Winter in Cappadocia

Turkey is one of the most diverse, interesting, colorful, culturally and socially rich regions of the world in terms of winter tourism. The region that is full of winter tourism in Turkey is Cappadocia.

Turkey is one of the most diverse, interesting, colorful, culturally and socially rich regions of the world in terms of winter tourism. The region that is full of winter tourism in Turkey is Cappadocia.

Fairy chimneys, jades, historical underground cities over 10 thousand years, the mind-blowing geography of the earth and the wonderful skiing and winter sports of Mount Erciyes, such are the places where everything is sought in terms of winter tourism.

Nuri Chorbacioglu , identified with Cappadocia , knows the region down to the last detail, organizes winter tourism activities in every part of Turkey as a geography expert, photographer, filmmaker, fixer in Cappodoccia, researcher and tourism professional.

Photo Tour

Nuri Chorbacioglu organizes international photography tours with quality, experience and knowledge of art. Nuri Chorbacioglu, who uses Turkey as a photography studio in both summer and winter, offers you the opportunity to take the most interesting reflection photos of the world from the peaks of art with sunset photos, as the first person to introduce the Salt Lake with its wonderful views, magnificent and unique beauties to those who love to take pictures and to professional photographers.

Nuri Chorbacioglu also introduces the Pink Salt Lake, which takes on a turquoise blue color in winter and a white color in summer and sometimes pink, red and orange shifts towards red and pink.

In the second largest main breeding area of the flamingo colonies and the Sakarca goose, you record the wide water area in winter, waterfowl cranes, wild geese and wild ducks in the infinity frames of Nuri Chorbacioglu's photography tour in Salt Lake, which does not freeze in winter.

Photography and film artist, Turkish Geography expert Nuri Chorbacioglu Photography tours opens the door to the treasures of winter landscapes in Turkey for photographers, offering magnificent views in front of them.

He introduces the 7 geographical regions of Turkey and the marvelous sights, historical artifacts, and magnificent culture of Istanbul, from the Marmara to the Aegean, from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, from Southeastern Anatolia to Eastern Anatolia, from Istanbul to Central Anatolia.

He brings together the settlements bearing the seal of rich civilizations and cultures in the 5000-year historical process.

He loads oxygen in Balıkesir Kazdağı National Park, takes him around Ayvalık and Cunda, feeds him at the Devil 's Table and washes himself in Hasan Boğuldu Waterfall.

In the ancient city of Ephesus and Aydın, Priene, in the warm villages of the Aegean, he gets you to make cold-pressed olive oil, pass through Muğla and Datça, dive into the bays of the Mediterranean Region, and take you around the ancient cities hidden among magnificent lakes, waterfalls and canyons.

He gets his guests to have some rest on turquoise water Salda Lake, whose glamorous beauty can be seen even from space, and blows it away with the magnificent sight and smell of lavender fields as well as in Olympos, Manavgat, Kekova, Kemer, Side, Köprülü Canyon and Tahtalı Mountain.

He takes you to Mount Erciyes after the hot air balloon tour over the mysterious beauties of Cappadocia over the Ihlara Valley. He slides on the white snow in Erciyes, plunges into the clouds in Ayder Plateau, Uzungöl , Hamsilos , Sürmene, Fırtına Valley, Çoruh, Virgin Mary Cathedral, Rize Castle, Zilkale in the Black Sea, which exhibits the magnificent harmony of green and blue.

He enables you to pass over Ovit Mountains, through the Kop Pass, and connects you to Erzurum, Ağrı, Iğdır, Kars, Erzincan and Ardahan. He brings you down from Lake Van to Mardin, listen to the hymns of different religions, and sprinkle bread on the fish in Urfa Balıklı Lake and watch the sunrise and sunset on Mount Nemrut.

He makes a dream vacation, climbs mountains like Evliya Çelebi, and introduces us to works in the UNESCO's world cultural heritage list. He takes you to the desert-like sand dune of Antalya Patara Sand Plain. He plunges into the deep blue sea off the coast of Adrasan, no different than the Maldives, and climbs Olympos, Kekova, Kemer, Manavgat, Köprülü Canyon and Tahtalı Mountain.

He races giant tortoises in Ölüdeniz and takes it to İzmir, Alaçatı, Çeşme, Foça, Sard Antique City, Çeşme, Şirince and Ephesus.

He shows you Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahçe and Yıldız Palace, Ortaköy Mosque of bridges connecting Europe to Asia, and the sunset, Galata Tower, Maiden's Tower from Balat and Salacak.

Eminönü Fish Bakers, Tulip symbol is on the list as well as Emirgan Grove, Baltalimanı, Polonezköy, Ağva, Şile and Belgrad Forests.

Then comes Hidiv Pavilion, Ihlamur Pavilion, Yıldız Park, Polonezköy , Pierre Loti, Sile, Acva, Sulaymaniyah, Beykoz Grove, Riva, as continued with Adile Sultan Pavilion, Çengelköy, Çamlıca Hill, Dragos Hill, Aydos Hill, Büyük Valide Han and Baltalimanı Japanese Garden.

He makes it to Istanbul, built on 7 hills including Pierre Loti Hill, Camlica Hill, Dragos Hill, Aydos Hill…

Winter Tourism in the World

One of the rapidly changing trends of world tourism, winter tourism brings about the extension of the seasons to get a bigger share of the cake, causing countries to work hard.

Winter tourism is the spread of tourism movements in the country throughout the year and the mountain every step that leads to the development of sports as a part of tourism. Contributing to economic prosperity and development one of the factors.

It is one of the important sectors for countries as it accelerates foreign currency flow to the country for regional and economic development.

Turkey is a very rich and lucky country with its current tourism potential. Summer in season attracted by the sea, sand and plenty of sun In addition to tourism movements, alternative seasons are also available as well as tourism activities.

Geographical and natural beauties lays the groundwork for alternative winter tourism. Vibrant, sustainable tourism opportunities arise during the winter months as well as during the summer holidays. of sustainability also to ensure these opportunities and activities to the whole year is spreading. Winter tourism is also attractive in Turkey in this sense as it embraces activities such as climbing, thermal, forest, plateau, paragliding, skiing in the mountains and trekking.

Turkey experiences 4 seasons in one day and in some of their regions terrestrial climate, which enables the revival of winter tourism.

Turkey, which has sufficient amount of snow, together with rainy and suitable regions for skiing, is one of the tourist attractions. It can offer all kinds of facilities to meet your accommodation needs. Mechanical plants, ski education, ease of transportation, low avalanche risk of danger, winter tourism makes the centers attractive.

People's need for vacation and rest has led to the preference of sea, sand and sun in summer, snow, mountains and areas with plenty of oxygen as an alternative to the increase in living standards.

The search for alternatives to snow-covered, mountainous, forested and lake sides has led to the preference of activities such as nature research, climbing, excursions, hiking, skiing and winter sports for relaxation.

The beautiful landscapes of the mountainous areas developing with winter tourism serve as a relaxing and peaceful retreat style 4-season tourism areas.

It can be used as a winter tourism center in winter, mountain, camping, nature congress, symposium and plateau activities in summer.

In addition to being an income generating item for the economy, winter tourism has an important place in the realization of sports activities. Skiing, climbing, hiking, activities are carried out in winter tourism centers.

In the background of the desire for a holiday in the winter months, activities such as doing sports, traveling, accommodation, entertainment, resting and walking in the snowy covered and mountainous regions lie. In a sense, this is an alternative tourism opportunity against the sea-sand-sun trio.

Winter tourism offers health and wellness to those who want to escape from the stress, intensity and fatigue of city life, with fresh air, mountains full of oxygen, and sports activities.

While winter tourism offers life-giving touches to the economy, it also brings income to regions with a future related to winter tourism, and employment that colors life with the investments made.

While the tourists who come for winter tourism participate in winter sports, this also helps the livelihood of the businesses in the region and the development of the economy of the local businesses that provide it with their accommodation, participation in entertainment, social and cultural activities.

Activities such as winter sports, skiing, climbing, glacier walks and snowboarding activities are among the factors that motivate people in winter tourism.

It is an activity that clears skiing troubles, gives an opportunity to relieve stress, and changes the lifestyle.

Turkey has all kinds of richness related to winter tourism with its strategic location advantage, natural resources and 4 season’s diversity which brings vitality to tourism.

One of the reasons why winter tourism is the focus of attention of tourists and takes its place in the first place is its geographical location at the point that connects two continents.

While the target time for the sea-sand-sun coalition in summer is one week, even a weekend is sufficient for the mountain-ski-sport trio. For this reason, short-distance points that can be visited immediately are of great interest.

Turkey, which attracts attention with its location with the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, and its proximity to the Far East, is always considered a few steps ahead of its competitors in summer tourism as well as winter tourism.

Industrialization, working life that mixes night and day together with pollution caused by intense urbanization and tiredness winter that gives people a chance to breathe oriented towards tourism.

There are around 30 winter tourism centers in Turkey. Palandöken, Uludağ, Kartalkaya, Erciyes, Ilgaz, Kartepe, Sarıkamış and Davraz are among the most important of the winter tourism centers with a total bed capacity of 25 thousand.

Palandöken Winter Tourism Center has very valuable advantages for winter tourism with the high mountains of the Eastern Anatolia Region covered with snow during the winter season.

Thanks to the thinnest snow feature in the world, Palandöken is located in Erzurum, which has the coldest climate as the highest region and roof of Turkey. It is covered with snow for more than 150 days and receives snowfall in amounts approaching 3 meters.

Palandöken, which is extremely suitable for skiing, has powder snow, which is a great advantage for skiing with its altitude exceeding 3 thousand meters. Palandöken Winter Tourism Center, which is suitable for skiing between December and May, has quality accommodation facilities.

With an area of 200 km2, Palandöken is one of the most important centers of Turkey in terms of winter tourism.

Palandöken Winter Tourism Center, which hosts the World Universities Winter Games, also has international characteristics for free skiing competitions. 25 thousand people per hour are transported by around 20 mechanical facilities with a length of 30 thousand meters.

The Eastern Express has also become one of the most important winter tourism activities of the Eastern Anatolia Region in recent years. Thermal water resources of the region, snow paintball, Tortum Lake and Tortum Waterfall are also very effective spots for winter tourism.

Uludag Winter tourism since its center is right next to Istanbul and very close to Ankara, when winter tourism and skiing are discussed. is the most talked about, 

With its height exceeding 2500 meters, National in the park Uludag, rich in forest herb cover and it is one of the indispensable centers for skiing.

Uludag, where the most accommodation is made in winter tourism in Turkey, with a bed capacity of close to 4 thousand in comfortable and quality facilities, is at the forefront with a wealth of mechanical facilities around 25, with a carrying capacity of 20 thousand people per hour, and a mechanical facility length of close to 20 thousand meters.

Uludağ National Park Kilimli Lake and Buzlu Lake, Çobankaya Plateau are places to breathe and relax .

Kartalkaya Winter Tourism Center is considered as an alternative to Uludağ for ski lovers, thanks to its proximity to Istanbul and Ankara like Uludağ, as well as its easy accessibility, and its open-door neighbor quality.

Thanks to an hourly 15 thousand people carrying capacity and close to 15 thousand meters of mechanical facility, Bolu Kartalkaya is also preferred. 

Kartalkaya's ski slope, protected by pine trees, can be used from December to March. Those who come to Kartalkaya also use the nearby Sarıalan Plateau for rest and accommodation, while they use the shore of Seben Lake for hiking and picnics.

Snowfest and Icefest mountain festivals held in Kartalkaya attract the attention of young people in particular.

Erciyes Winter Tourism Center, the peak of Cappadocia, 3916 meters high Erciyes, the highest point in Kayseri, is rising.

Erciyes is an extinct volcano, parts of which are covered with snow in all seasons of the year.

Erciyes Ski Center is located on Tekir Plateau in the north of Erciyes, which is also an important center for mountaineering, climbing and trekking sports. There is a 1 km long mountain glacier to its north. 

Erciyes is an international ski resort. The ski season has winter tourism activities between November and May.

It has around 15 mechanical facilities and carries more than 20 thousand people per hour with a total track length of reaching 25 thousand. There are many opportunities for mountain and snow sports in Erciyes Winter Tourism Center.

In Erciyes, which has the terrestrial climate of Central Anatolia, the snow capacity is more than Uludağ. There are regular and frequent bus and plane services to Kayseri and Cappadocia.

In Erciyes, you can do paragliding and parasailing flights, cable car, chairlift, teleski transportation, as well as rock and glacier climbing.

Ilgaz Mountain Winter Tourism Center is located in the National Park in the Ilgaz Mountains, with its peak reaching 3 thousand meters between Kastamonu and Çankırı.

Chairlift, ski lift, ski slope, natural beauties, wonderful views, Ilgaz Winter Tourism Center, which offers tourism opportunities for all seasons, is also lively in all seasons. Nearly 10 mechanics plant, carrying capacity exceeding 6 thousand people per hour and has the length of the mechanical plant close to 10 thousand meters.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park, which has a high tourism potential, attracts great attention with its clean air, natural beauties, snow and sports opportunities, and its proximity to Istanbul and Ankara.

It is one of the rare safari areas with its rich plant and animal diversity and geographical richness. Kure Mountains National Park and Gideros Bay welcome their guests in the same region.

Kartepe Winter Tourism Center is one of the important ski centers of the Marmara Region, with an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level, at 40 km southeast of the city.

With its snow thickness approaching 2 meters in December, January and February, Kartepe has an important wealth in terms of plateau and forest tourism.

Kartepe, one of Turkey's new ski resorts, has become an important alternative for Uludag thanks to its proximity to Istanbul, and is heavily flooded with tourists.

Blessed with Sapanca Lake, forests and natural beauty, Kartepe enjoys with 5 mechanical facilities, a capacity of 7 thousand people per hour and a mechanical facility length of close to 4 thousand meters, quality hotels of the Marmara Region, opportunities for winter sports and short holidays, and provides you with unforgettable moments in its magnificent nature for New Year's Eve and holidays.

Sarıkamış Winter Tourism Center is one of the few centers in the world with its snow quality and tracks. It is a wonderful winter tourism center with its 1 meter snow-covered surface for 5 months and its height approaching 3 thousand meters.

A cold and dry Siberian climate is experienced in Sarıkamış Ski Center with its high quality powder snow and a very high scotch pine forest that protects skiers from the wind.

Sarıkamış Winter Tourism Center, which has 5 mechanical facilities with a carrying capacity of 6 thousand people per hour, and a mechanical facility length of around 7 thousand meters, also has ski-running tracks.

You can reach the perfect winter tourism center and the frozen Lake Çıldır, with an altitude of nearly 3 thousand meters surrounded by crystal snow, with a journey of just over half an hour after the airport, or with the Eastern Express, which reaches Kars from Ankara, with magnificent views.

Davraz Winter Tourism Center provides skiing, mountaineering, botanical and mountain hiking opportunities to tourists with its high quality snow, 5 km ski track, an altitude of 2700 meters and a magnificent view of Lake Eğirdir.

Davraz Winter Tourism Center, which has an important location in the Lakes region right next to Antalya, attracts many domestic and foreign tourists with its snow depth approaching 2 meters, 5 mechanical facilities, a carrying capacity of approximately 5 thousand per hour and a length of mechanical facilities during the ski season between December and April.

With its view of Lake Eğirdir, its wonderful tracks for skiing and snowboarding, the ease of transportation increases the interest in Davraz Ski Center.

Although the ski season is in the months of December, January and February and lasts shorter, the snow thickness of up to 2.5 meters and the total length exceeding 25 km, around 15 blue, red and black tracks welcome ski enthusiasts.

In terms of winter tourism, Turkey also develops its wealth with important centers such as Bozdağ-İzmir, Ilgaz-Kastamonu, Yedigöller-Bolu, Uzungöl-Trabzon, Safranbolu-Karabük, Maşukiye-Kartepe-Sapanca-Kocaeli and Ayder-Rize.

Gümüşhane Zigana Ski Center is among the best ski resorts in Turkey with its proximity to Trabzon, opportunities like safari and bird watching, paragliding, and ski season between December and April with its height reaching 2500 meters. Grass skiing is also possible here in summer.

Satala and the archaeological sites of the City of Krom are also the focus of attention of tourists.

In addition to the sea, the beach and the sun in the Aegean Sea, there is a winter sports center in Bozdağ, 26 kilometers from İzmir Ödemiş. Mountaineering Festivals, mountain climbing and paragliding flights are organized in Bozdağ in February. Birgi, Ödemiş, Sart, Salihli Thermal Springs and Gölcük can also be visited in the region.

Bolu Yedigöller, which welcomes its visitors with different beauties every season, consists of Yedigöller Büyük Lake, Derin Lake, Serin Lake, Sazlı Lake, Nazlı Lake, Dry Lake and İnce Lake. Yedigöller, watched from Kapankaya Observation Terrace, is hosted at the Deer Breeding Station.

Trabzon Uzungol is the first center of Black Sea excursions, the beauty of which is known by everyone in the Eastern Black Sea Region, and Uzungol is a complete recreation center where you can stay alone with alternative holiday and nature.

Uzungöl, which offers unforgettable feasts to its guests with local delicacies such as Black Sea corn bread, anchovy pilaf, mihlama, and black cabbage rolls, can be reached very easily by passing through the beauties of Sürmene, Of and Çaykara, which can be reached by plane.

Safranbolu Karabük, Safranbolu, where you can always find calmness and peace in every season, and make peace with your inner world, welcomes you with White Safranbolu Houses in winter under the snow white.

Sapanca Kocaeli is a marvel that can be reached after passing through wonderful beauties and seeing the magnificent spots of Maşukiye and Kartepe.

Ayder Rize, when you can't find your Black Sea friends, who are overwhelmed by the summer heat and humid air, you know that Ayder has taken shelter in its coolness and beauty.

Ayder Plateau, one of the most beautiful places of the Black Sea, is green and white with its fascinating colors in the winter season. Ayder, which is chirping with colorful tourists on the snow-white, is a beauty where nature enjoys and reigns with harsh weather conditions, and even mobile phones cannot reach you.

Ayder, where those who love camping life and seek to be alone with nature, rise with the sun and run into colorful dreams with stars, warms you to the marrow in winter with its hot springs. You can dive into the warm waters while watching the flaky snowfall among the ice.

Experience the taste of eating freshly baked Rize bagels with cream cheese for your breakfast while sipping the fragrant Rize tea. It is so difficult to describe in words the pleasure of eating Rize pita, Rize meatballs and Rize roast beef, the steam of which mixes with the ice-cold air in the open air at noon; the best is to go and eat. So do you.

Mardin is one of the stops where you can enjoy it in the winter without getting burned in the summer or suffocated by the heat.

Mardin Museum, Mardin Castle, Kasımpaşa Madrasa, Zinciriye Madrasa and Mardin Ulu Mosque are among the most valuable historical spots to be seen.

The wonderful flavors of Mardin, almond candy, roasted chickpeas and walnut sausage give you extra energy. Delight both yourself and your friends with the gifts you will receive with filigree silver embroidered works.

Cappadocia and Winter Tourism

Cappadocia is the name of a magnificence that reflects the wonderful view of a magnificent geography that arouses astonishment, astonishment, excitement and admiration in every season.

It is one of the most important destinations that make Central Anatolia a tourism center. Experience the wonderful feelings of watching the view of Cappadocia from the sky with Fairy Chimneys, thousands of years old underground cities, hot air balloons that you will watch with amazement and admiration.

Work with the earth by drinking coffee on Temenni Hill, visiting open-air museums such as Derinkuyu Underground City, sitting on a stool in Avanos, shaping the mud with your hands and making pottery. The winter trip in Kapadoya does not end there.

Although sea, sand and sun come to mind when vacation and tourism are mentioned, within the scope of tourism diversity and the search for alternative tourism activities winter tourism was born.

For tourists interested in winter tourism ski sports are plentiful with glacier climbing is interested in regions suitable for snowy winter sports. Snowfall rate, amount, type, duration of stay on the ground, technical equipment such as chairlift, teleski, cable car that takes skiers to heights are indispensable for winter tourism.

Thanks to winter tourism, the areas that have not developed, attracted attention and have not grown economically due to snow, winter, cold and ice for years provide an important contribution to the economic welfare of the people of the region.

Since winter tourism causes the activities to spread over a year, it gives life to the businesses of the region and provides financial support that makes employment permanent.

Thanks to the sociability it brings to the region, it provides the opportunity for the region to receive immigration, economic development, cultural, health and nature tourism activities besides winter sports.

In order to diversify tourism and spread it throughout the year, winter tourism is supported by investing in many ski resorts.

Winter tourism, which is one of the alternative tourism types that is the subject of increasing tourism activities around the world, is a type of tourism that is diversified with sportive activities. Winter sports tourism shapes a tourism movement that lasts for about 4 months and turns into cold, snow, ice, entertainment and adrenaline.

The increase in ski facilities and interest creates regional development and a large employment area by developing winter tourism.

In the light of all this information, the most important support for winter tourism in Cappadocia comes Erciyes Winter Sports Center. Erciyes in Kayseri and Cappadocia being an attraction center for winter tourism It is a serious advantage.

In the world where 1.5 billion international tourists travel today, Turkey is among the top 5 in the tourism ranking and hosts approximately 50 million tourists. The number of winter tourists in the world is around 150 million people.

With its geographical features, Cappadocia has many advantages in terms of winter tourism. Right next to it is Kayseri which hosts Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center, which is equipped for mountain and winter tourism at an altitude of 1800-3000 meters.

In terms of transportation, it is in the center of Anatolia, from many airports receiving 15 daily scheduled flights from Istanbul which also increases the winter tourism attraction of Erciyes and Cappadocia.

It is remarkable for Cappadocia winter tourists that competitions such as Snowboard World Cup, International Ski Championship, Ford Snowboard World Cup, Snow Volleyball European Cup and Snowkite are organized here, winter tourism organizations are also held there and it has ISO 9001 quality service certificate, tourist safety and there is an obligation to wear helmets, which altogether makes the location attractive and interesting for tourists.

Erciyes Ski Resort has 6 difficult, 15 medium difficult and 13 easy tracks to offer various alternatives for ski enthusiasts.

Kayseri, Erciyes Ski and Winter Sports Center and Cappadocia affect the purchasing behavior of tourists in terms of historical texture, local culture, tastes, ease of transportation, accommodation quality and winter tourism.

Nevşehir Kozaklı Thermal Springs is an important point for the region to be preferred frequently for winter tourism with its thermal and healing waters.

Turkey is a region where the four seasons are colorful. Turkey also has unique landscapes in the winter months. Winter tourism supports winter tourism in Turkey with public and private sector investments.

Skiing, snowboarding, snow sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling, heli-skiing, and winter festivals can be counted among the activities preferred in winter tourism.

Cappadocia, with its beauty in summer and winter months, offers all kinds of winter tourism opportunities to the people it admires, as well as its impressive view combined with snow.

The famous balloon tours in Cappadocia can also be done in the winter season. Horseback riding, ballooning, ATV rides and jeep safaris are also common in the winter.

You should consult with photography and film artist and tourism expert Nuri Chorbacioglu for advice on winter tourism activities in the Cappadocia region and all over Turkey.

Nuri Chorbacioglu, who also offers unlimited solutions for winter tourism, is your only alternative that can offer the opportunity to meet with the Jade horses.

Cities to be Included in Plans for Winter Tourism in Turkey


Istanbul is Turkey's beautiful and fun city in all seasons. It is very nice to have a holiday in Istanbul during the winter months. Istanbul, which attracts tourists every season with its natural and historical beauties, supports activities suitable for winter tourism with festivals and concerts.


Uludağ is one of the centers of winter tourism that is known all over the world. Bursa is not limited to snow sports only. Whitefest and Uludağ music festivals are held in Bursa every year in winter.


In nature sports and winter tourism, the city is popular with recreational activities such as skiing, hiking, mountaineering and rafting. It is suitable for snow and ice sports as well as water sports.


Along with its natural beauty, it is also known for winter sports. Its forests, lakes, mountains and plateaus add a completely different beauty. Access to Bolu's winter tourism activities is quite easy.

What are the Winter Holidays Activities in Turkey?

Traveling with a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia

It is very enjoyable to visit the regions of Cappadocia that are not suitable for land transportation with hot air balloons. Watching the combination of this natural beauty with snow with hot air balloons creates very pleasant feelings.

Sled Riding on Lake Çıldır

Lake Çıldır is covered with ice in winter. Tourists enjoy sledding with horses on the lake. Walking on the frozen lake is an activity that cannot be done anywhere.

Taking an Orient Express Train Ride

The Orient Express, serving between Ankara and Kars, gives the opportunity to see the beauties of Ankara, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars provinces. The train has a magnificent scenic route. It has been chosen as one of the most beautiful train routes in the world.

Skiing in Uludag

It is at the top level in terms of safety and comfort. It is one of the most popular spots in Turkey with snowfall. Uludag has the opportunity to do all kinds of snow sports. Mountaineering activities are also carried out.

Discover Kars and Ancient Ani

Ani Ruins, dating back to the sixth century, are on the World Heritage List. Ani Cathedral, Dikran Honentz Church and Ebu'l Manuçehr Mosque are its important parts. Ebu'l Menuchehr Mosque is the first Turkish mosque built in Anatolia.

Winter Tourism and Spa Holiday in Turkey

It is the center of health tourism thanks to its hot springs and holiday resorts dating back to ancient Greece and Rome for relaxation.

Thermal springs with healing waters, providing psychological and physical rest, and healing minerals and gases are the choice of thermal holiday.

Afyonkarahisar Hot Springs

The most popular spa districts of Afyonkarahisar, which attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists, are Sandıklı, Merkez and İhsaniye.

Ankara Hot Springs

Ankara is a rich geothermal resource city. The facilities in the region are a relaxation center to relieve stress. Ankara's regions such as Kızılcahamam, Ayaş, Beypazarı, Çubuk and Haymana are important alternatives to both enjoy the snow and have a nice winter holiday and to benefit from the hot springs.

Bolu Thermal Springs

Even in the center of Bolu, which has important geothermal resources, there is a hot spring. Karacasu Hot Springs are also 5 km from the center. Bolu has been nominated as thermal tourism center. There is a physical therapy hospital affiliated to the Ministry of Health in Karacasu.

Apart from Karacasu, there are spa facilities in Mudurnu, Seben and Göynük regions.

Bursa Thermal Springs

Bursa offers different alternatives with more than 15 spa facilities. In Bursa; There are thermal springs in districts and districts such as Çekirge, Kükürtlü, İnegöl, Bademlibahçe , Orhangazi, Orhaneli, Keles, Mustafakemalpaşa, Harmancık.

The Sultan Spa from the 14th century and the Old Spa from the Murad Hüdavendigar period have historical features.

Balikesir Thermal Springs

Balıkesir thermal springs are spread over the districts of the city. It is one of the richest regions of Turkey in thermal resources. The popular choice of thermal holiday, Gönen Hot Springs has been in use since the 4th century BC.

Emendere, Ilıcaboğazı , Ekşidere , Güre, Bostancı, Pamukçu and Hisaralan are preferred for spa holidays. These spas are good for skin diseases such as psoriasis, fungus and eczema.

Yalova Hot Springs

It is a city rich in spa resorts and facilities. The warm corner of the Marmara Region is popular for sea and health tourism.

Armutlu and Termal districts contain hot water, minerals, salt and radioactive substances and are preferred for skin diseases, rheumatism, kidney, liver and urinary tract diseases.

Kütahya Thermal Springs

Phrygian , Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman periods, the thermal springs of Gediz Murat Mountain, covered with a dense forest cover, are located right in nature.

Kütahya Simav is known for its high temperature waters. There are very nice thermal springs in Hisarcık, Tavşanlı and Emet regions.

Denizli Thermal Springs

Natural spring waters lie behind Pamukkale travertines. Especially Karahayıt Town of Pamukkale, where hot springs are abundant, is home to popular facilities.

Karahayıt Thermal Springs is known for hosting Akköy Mud Hot Springs with its red water, low carbon dioxide rate and 50 degrees temperature. Hot springs such as Tekkeköy, Babacık, Kızıldere and Yenice are also in this region.

Izmir Thermal Springs

Apart from its historical sites and beaches, İzmir also welcomes its guests with its thermal springs. One of its most famous hot springs is Balçova Agamemnon.

Çeşme, Dikili and Seferihisar are also among the regions rich in thermal springs. Menemen, Gülbahçe , Cumalı, Bergama and Bayındır are the regions of Ilıcaya.

Çeşme Malkoç Springs are also popular winter tourism spots.

Eskisehir Thermal Springs

The spa facilities are spread over the city center and its districts. Günyüzü, Çardak, Hasırca and Sakarılıca thermal springs are among the important mineral waters.

In Eskişehir, there are thermal springs in Mihalgazi, Gümele, Kızılinler, Alpu Uyuzhamam , İnönü, Sivrihisar and Çifteler.

What are the Benefits of Spas?

The body absorbs the beneficial minerals in the hot spring water. Thermal water has a softening and relaxing effect on the skin. It helps to relax muscles and reduce stress.