Cappadocia Land Of Beautiful Horses

People, history, geography, and culture referred to this exquisite region as Cappadocia, or "land of lovely horses" thousands of years ago.

On Earth, there are innumerable unique, exceptional, beautiful places. Because each point is distinct, they each have a description. The land of gorgeous horses, Cappadocia, is one of these magnificent locations.

Professional photographers have a desire for being the first to witness these breathtaking sights that are rare, thrilling, caress the soul, and elevate adrenaline while introducing this location to the rest of humanity. Cappadocia, the land of gorgeous horses, is one of the first locations where this amazing passion began.

Cappadocia land of beautiful horses, the area whose borders were drawn for the first time in the Roman period by the geographer Strabon, starting from the Taurus Mountains in the south, encompassing the Eastern Black Sea Region in the north, Aksaray in the west, and Malatya in the east.

The history of Cappadocia land of beautiful horses, consisting of Aksaray, Nevşehir, Niğde, Kırşehir and Kayseri in an area of 250 km², begins with the Hittites. 

Cradle of ten thousand years old civilizations

Cappadocia land of beautiful horses is the most colorful and mysterious images of your life, perhaps the most different and breathtaking geography you will ever encounter in your life, the blend of cultures where different mysteries meet you at every step, and the meeting point of ten thousand years old civilizations.

Cappadocia means the land of beautiful horses. Cappadocia, which reflects the different colors of civilizations and is as precious as a crystal ball for professional photographers, means the land of beautiful horses.

The name of the river, which flows with its ten thousand-year-old secrets, Cappadocia means the land of beautiful horses, an exotic world that still preserves its beauty thousands of years ago and excites professional photographers at every second.

Hosting the most beautiful soft stone places of the world, Cappadocia means the land of beautiful horses, with the most pastel colored background of the geography that will make professional photographers, documentarians and filmmakers wonder and excited at every step. 

The scene where you can take amazing pictures and movies

Cappadocia means the land of beautiful horses, which is the scene where photographers can take magnificent pictures and films, leaning back on the works of these civilizations, which also hosted the Hittites, Phrygians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans at the age of 60 million.

Cities carved into stone and underground

Although Alexander the Great defeated the Persians, who gave the name Cappadocia, meaning 'Cappadocia land of beautiful horses', in 332 BC, then this region became a great safe haven, especially for Christians, due to the cities carved into the stones and underground. 


Professional photographers can better appreciate this love

Cappadocia land of beautiful horses is like love, it can never be explained with words, professional photographers can better understand this love that lovers carve into stones, put in the heart of the earth, fairy chimneys run to the sky.

The tuff layer that dries the sea, lakes and streams

Cappadocia land of beautiful horses, the atmosphere, which is an inland sea, where lava that erupted from volcanoes 10 million years ago descended to plateaus, dried the inland sea, lakes and streams, and formed a tuff layer close to 150 meters thick. 

Cappadocia land of beautiful horses, which has a mystery that makes your world for Equine and photography, has a mystery that makes your world for equine and photography. Photography is a magnificent art, and a photographer is an artist. Equine photography workshop is one of the best opportunities to capture the photo frame.

Equine photography workshops, common in Cappadocia

The equine photography workshops in Cappadocia are the work of professional photographers and artists to put this creature that transforms human life into admirable frames and present it to the knowledge of humanity.

Equine photo tours in Cappadocia

The horse is man's oldest, unchanging, most loyal companion. Cappadocia land of beautiful horses equine photography workshops and equine photo tours teach you to identify a faithful friend in a photo frame.

Cappadocia land of beautiful horses equine photography workshops explain the richness of these amazing transformation heroes who are intelligent, sensitive, adaptable and quick to learn.

Equine photography workshop and equine photo tours in Cappadocia are also therapy for you. The equine photography workshop allows you to read and understand the horse's body language, and to construct the next step. These workshops will enable you to view their foal, motherhood, fatherhood, mare, horsepower, stallion, social relations with their groups and communication with their wife and friends. 

Horse photography workshops and horse photo tours teach you to enjoy the photo you take.

A painting of art from Cappadocia

With the equine photo tours in Cappadocia, you will learn to focus on the magnificent horses and not show unnecessary details so that those who look at the photo see a painting that is a work of art.

Cappadocia Yilki Horses

The horses of the Cappadocia region have a very tough life. People make agricultural and residential areas where their horses live, graze and drink water. For this reason, yilki horses are helpless and they struggle to survive on their own in nature.

The rebellious and free-spirited yilki horses

Despite everything, the jade horses manage to survive, albeit with a reduced number. You can learn about unique photo shoots for rebellious and free-spirited horses within the scope of equine photography workshops and equine photography tours in Cappadocia. 

Yilki horses equine photography workshops and equine photography tours provide information about the approximately 250 Jade horses living in the areas close to Kayseri Hürmetçi Village, bordering Cappadocia today.

With their magnificent view, togetherness and solidarity, the Jade horses, which take shelter at the foot of a mountain and run left and right, give excitement to those who see and watch. Jade horses offers a complete visual show to its audience and photographers. 

It is as if the opportunity to take pictures of the jade horses in another area next to Cappadocia has found a treasure. The land of beautiful horses and the jade horses running on the slopes of Erciyes, Turkey's extinct volcano, excite the audience and bring the photographers' hearts to their mouths.

While getting ready to take a photo, the jade horses, which are prepared as if they are stepping on the podium as your fingers approach the shutter button, offer welcome poses by galloping, rearing, neighing, hopping, bouncing. 

Equine photography is a life-style

Equine photography is a need and a way of life for some people, like air and water.

Equine photography has an energy that rejuvenates the souls of many people.

Along with photography, which is a magnificent art, professional equine photography is the pinnacle of the most beautiful frame, the most handsome objects, while creating the concept of artistry. For professional equine photography, there is no better view than a horse, aesthetic model, safe dormitory, safe harbor, no mountain to lean on. 

The horse is the fastest of the winds, the hottest part of the sun and the safest harbor on earth. The legend of fairy tales is the most beloved hero of epics. It is an effort created by professional equine photographers in Cappadocia to work, promote and share, offering support, training and opportunities. 

Equine photographers explain technical information about camera, light and shooting techniques, sample images, usage patterns on the internet and social media, basic techniques for presentation, and tips.

Equine photography workshops develop engaging photography practices.

Within the scope of Cappadocia land of beautiful horses Equine photography workshops, horse-specific storytelling, classic black or white backgrounds to emphasize the horse's power and grace, and interesting shooting practices are developed in equine photographer class activities.

Nuri Çorbacıoğlu, professional equine photographer 

Nuri Çorbacıoğlu teaches equine photography workshops and equine photographer classes about the lens needed for horses in motion, the camera body, and the fine sensor needed for high-quality images.

Nuri Çorbacıoğlu introduces you to his 300 year old horses in the fields close to Kayseri Hürmetçi Village.