Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

Getting to know Cappadocia, which is a mysterious, exotic, wonderful piece of nature, 60 million years old and bears the traces of countless civilizations for ten thousand years, is on the must-do list in life.

Let's explore Cappadocia from the sky in a balloon: Are you in for it?

Newspapers, magazines, social media constantly provide lists of things to do, places to see in your life, and flavors to taste.

Cappadocia is perhaps at the top of all these lists. Cappadocia Discovery Adventure takes place in a wonderful landscape where one cannot see another like it. 

Getting to know Cappadocia, which is a mysterious, exotic, wonderful piece of nature, 60 million years old and bears the traces of countless civilizations for ten thousand years, is on the must-do list in life.

Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

Which Civilizations Will You See With Cappadocia Balloon Discovery?

As you explore Cappadocia, which hosted the oldest settlements in the world including the Hittites, Phrygians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans, we will now tell you what you will experience, what you will feel, what you will see and hear.

Let's explore Cappadocia from the sky with a balloon!

What will you get with Cappadocia Balloon Discovery?

Cappadocia Discovery Balloon will allow you to experience the most different journey of your life while taking you up to the sky.

When you ascend to the sky for the Discovery of Cappadocia by Balloon, you will feel the love carved on the stones from a great height over Cappadocia, which cannot be explained with words like love, but can only be experienced by traveling.

While walking among the fairy chimneys, you will see that the mystery you encounter at every step and the secret you find in the next step fly around the Cappadocia Reconnaissance Balloon. 

While you are visiting the valleys and underground cities, you will be even more curious and excited when you look at the places that arouse curiosity and excitement at every point from the sky you rise with the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon. 

Which Volcanic Mountains Can You See With Cappadocia Balloon Discovery?

When you ascend to the sky with the Cappadocia Balloon Discovery, you will have the chance to have a birds-eye view of the lava-spewing volcanoes of Erciyes, Güllüdağ and Hasandağı, and the Kızılırmak, which runs through the fairy chimneys with the silence of a snake, to reach the Black Sea.

As you ascend to the sky with the Cappadocia Balloon in the discovery valley of civilizations, you will see every color of life in the first light of the Sun, saying hello to the earth.

You will see that the gray and white fairy chimneys of the fairy tale and wonderland that greet you on earth by saying 'welcome' are waving to you from below when you take off into the sky with the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon.

Where will You be able to See the Fairy Chimneys Alltogether with Cappadocia Balloon Discovery?

When you ascend for exploration with the Cappadocia Balloon, you will realize that thousands of fairy chimneys spread across the region between Avanos - Ürgüp - Uçhisar looking like children playing in the school garden, people walking on the streets, and the elderly resting in the park.

While cruising in the sky in the basket of the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon, you will observe the stone world of the lives that were once lived but now by-gone.    

As you pass over the Love Valley in Göreme, you will hear the poems and songs of the lovers who sit hand in hand among the fairy chimneys and watch the beginning of a new life with the smile of the Sun. 

As you rise in the sky with the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon, you will hear and feel in your heart Mevlana's ‘welcome', the poems of Yunus Emre, and the advice of Hacı Bektaş.

As you ascend with the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon, you will watch nature, history, mystery, legends, art and cultural artifacts, mystical, exotic and natural scenery like a crystal ball. 

Cappadocia is an exotic realm that was discovered thousands of years ago, but also awaits your discovery.

The adventure of exploring Cappadocia is like a Hollywood movie that surrounds you with excitement, joy, happiness, peace, mystery and secrets at every second.

Cappadocia is one of the mysterious riches of not only Turkey but also the world. 

You will see the tales, stories and rumors echoing in its corners, running between the valleys, going down 7 floors to the underground cities, playing hide-and-seek among the fairy chimneys, and when you return home with the Cappadocia discovery you have made, you will write a fairy tale.

Will You Be able to See the High Zones of Some Cities while Ascending to the Sky with Cappadocia Balloon Discovery?

You can see the cities of Aksaray, Nevşehir, Niğde, Kırşehir and Kayseri, as the borders of Cappadocia, whose borders were drawn by the first geographer Strabo, at the summit with the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon. 

Which Places Can You See With Cappadocia Balloon Discovery?

While rising towards the sky with a discovery balloon, you will watch the heart of Cappadocia, Uçhisar, Göreme, Avanos, Ürgüp, Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı and Ihlara Valley in the very center of Anatolia, you will think how the name 'Land of Beautiful Horses' suits the place.


You will find the traces of the Silk Road with Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

You will visit some stations of the Silk Road, which carries food, drink, spices, fine fabrics, sparkling jewels and culture from east to west, west to east, and builds commercial, social and cultural bridges between civilizations, in the basket of the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon.

Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

You Will Watch Underground Cities With Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

With Cappadocia Balloon Discovery, you will examine from the top the houses, underground cities and churches, safe havens, Uçhisar Castle, Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu Underground Cities built by those fleeing the Roman Empire, and the largest workshop on earth that former civilizations patiently carved into the rocks.

Cappadocia Balloon Discovery Can Be A Mystical Trip

You will hear the prayers rising to the sky from the frescoed walls of houses, churches, chapels, monasteries carved into the fairy chimneys and into the rocks, and the call to prayer rising from the minarets of the mosques in the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon in the sky.

With Cappadocia Balloon Discovery, You Will See Pigeons From Above

You will see the pigeons coming out of the dovecotes built on the slopes and rocks, clapping their wings as the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon glides through the sky.

While exploring Cappadocia by balloon, you will discover yourself.

You will watch Other Activities held down on the Hills with Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

While you are floating in the sky with the Cappadocia Discovery Balloon, you will see the caravans of other visitors flowing between the fairy chimneys with horse safaris, donkey tours and ATM trips. 


You will feel adrenaline at its peak with Cappadocia Discovery Balloon

The Cappadocia Balloons tour take your breath away, increase your adrenaline, and make your brain secrete happy hormones. While your heart is beating with excitement, you will hold the hand of your spouse, lover or friend tightly with your sweaty hands and hold on to each other with a happy smile.   

How Can You Join Cappadocia Discovery Tour? 

There are many agencies that organize balloon tours that explore Cappadocia from the sky. 

Which Agencies Should You Choose for Cappadocia Balloon Tour?

To participate in the Cappadocia Balloon Tour, first choose TURSAB certified agencies that have proven themselves, where you can get quality service. 

You can make the payment on the day of the tour, as the agents usually do not take prepayment for the reservation. However, partial or full payment may be requested during periods of high demand. 

In Which Months Should You Do the Cappadocia Balloon Tour?

Do not stay to the last moment by calculating the intensity for the balloon tour you plan to do in the spring, summer and autumn months. During these periods, reserve your place by making an early reservation, and take advantage of the affordable price advantage.

The Main Purpose of Cappadocia Balloon Tour Regional Visits

Tourists who came to Cappadocia 30 years ago to discover the magnificent structure of Cappadocia formed millions of years ago and the traces of life of many thousands of years old civilizations have come to the top of the list today.


From which countries do most tourists come to Cappadocia Balloon Tour and Discovery?

Millions of people from China, India, European countries, America and many parts of the world now come to Cappadocia just for balloon tours. 

Discovering the unique landscapes of Cappadocia from the air will be the most beautiful dream you have ever seen in the balloon caravan that starts before the sun comes up with the balloon tour that comes to mind when Cappadocia is mentioned.

Are Cappadocia Balloon Tours Supervised?

Balloons, pilots, equipment, flights and operators are inspected by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Agencies are constantly improving procedures and training, as earning and protecting documents requires a very difficult and cumbersome process. 

Do Pilots Have Experience Using Cappadocia Balloons?

All pilots controlling the balloons have international flight licenses. Moreover, the licenses have to be renewed every 2 years. 

For this reason, great effort and care is shown to ensure that the performance and knowledge of the pilots are constantly up-to-date and at the highest level. Airline insurance is also provided to passengers on balloon flights.

Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

Are Cappadocia Balloon Tours Safe?

Hot air balloon flights are considered the safest air sport in aviation by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI). 

There are almost no accidents in balloon tours, which have a history of nearly 40 years in Cappadocia.

Balloon tours also comply with the safety requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) while operating under the supervision of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority. If the flight conditions are not met, the flight is not allowed.

For this reason, you can fly safely with fully equipped and constantly maintained balloons. 

When Do Cappadocia Balloons Fly?

Balloon tours in Cappadocia start at 04:00-05:00 between April and October for the summer period, and 05:00-06:00 between November and March for the winter period.

Under Which Conditions Can Cappadocia Balloons Fly?

There is only one technical condition for balloon flights in Cappadocia: The weather conditions must be absolutely suitable for the flight.

What Services Will You Benefit From On The Cappadocia Balloon Tour?

While the hotels and agencies in Cappadocia provide transfer service from your hotel to the balloon flight area, they inform you about the transfer and flight information via communication tools after your reservation is confirmed.

The agencies start with picking you up from your hotel, and provide a snack breakfast while watching the balloon inflate before the flight, a briefing, a balloon discovery tour, a post-flight celebration, and a special flight certificate presentation in your name, and then drop you back to your hotel. 

How long does the Cappadocia Balloon Discovery Tour take?

Cappadocia balloon tour generally takes between 2.5 and 3 hours.

What are the Cappadocia Balloon Tour 2022 Prices?

Cappadocia Balloon Tour prices vary according to the period, the intensity of demand and the quality of the service provided. Accordingly, the prices of the 2022 Cappadocia Balloon Flight Tour are as follows:

Considering that these figures are determined for the year 2022, we recommend that you make a reservation and payment.

Passenger and 3rd party liability insurance, which you will fill out before the flight, is also included in the prices.

According to the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the balloon has an insurance value of 8 million Euros, depending on its size and capacity.

How Many People Ride in the Basket on the Cappadocia Balloon Tour?

Standard basket dimensions are wide enough to hold a maximum capacity of 28 passengers. In addition, special flights for 4, 8, 10, 14 and 20 passengers are also available with a price difference.

Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

Are Cappadocia Balloons Safe?

Balloons have European Aviation Safety Agency design and safety features. It does not tear, does not catch fire, birds do not pierce, rain and snow do not harm.

How Many Meters Can You Rise With Cappadocia Balloon Discovery?

While the maximum height that the balloon can reach during the flight varies according to the weather conditions, the legal maximum height is more than 1000 meters. Despite this, the pilots fly the balloon lower so that you can see the valleys, underground cities, landforms and fairy chimneys more closely, and get quality photos and images.

How Many Km Distance With Balloon Discovery in Cappadocia

In the balloon tour, which takes 1-2 hours on average, you fly 7-20 kilometers from the starting point.

Do Cappadocia Balloons Have a Certain Route?

Balloons have no fixed routes and landing sites are not predetermined. The balloon pilots ensure a safe landing at the landing point determined in the air according to the weather and wind.

Why Do Cappadocia Balloons Fly Early In The Morning?

The continental climate of Cappadocia has a great temperature difference between day and night for balloon flights. The cold air mass accumulating in the valleys at night creates a great flow route for balloon flights at sunrise.

When the wind speed is less than 11-13 km per hour, flights can be made if approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation, which allows and decides the flight of balloons, reports the flight status on its website every half hour. If there is a green flag, it indicates that the weather is suitable for the flight, the yellow flag indicates that it is not yet suitable, and the red flag indicates that all flights have been canceled for that day.

While a maximum of 100 balloons are allowed to fly at the same time, noon flights are also organized between 11:00 and 12:30, depending on the weather conditions, during periods when the demands are much higher.

As long as the weather is suitable, hot air balloon flights can be made all year round. 

What are the Cappadocia Balloon Parts, How Long Does the Balloon Inflate?

Balloon made of tear-resistant, fire-resistant material and without risk; it consists of dome part, burning part and basket part. Above the passengers in the basket is the burning part and sends the strong flames into the dome part of the balloon. The balloon inflates and deflates in about 15 minutes.

Baskets are designed for safe boarding and disembarkation.

It will be very enjoyable to watch how the balloon is inflated with hot air by setting off an hour before sunrise to see the preparation for flight of your balloon.

Balloon flight depends entirely on the airflow, the balloon goes where the wind takes it. In Cappadocia, you will experience wonderful feelings while flying very close inside the valleys and above the fairy chimneys.

Blending fun and adventure in the sky with a balloon, you will experience the most different flight of your life over the breathtaking far-stretching view of Cappadocia.

This exciting experience takes about an hour. As the wind directs the balloon, you will travel in the magnificent valleys of Cappadocia, even close to volcanic formations, fairy chimneys, and even try to touch the clouds.

You will feel and experience that discovering Cappadocia with a balloon is a wonderful feeling, and flying in a balloon in Cappadocia is a privilege for you. 

Where Do Cappadocia Balloons Take Off?

Discovery balloons depart from Göreme, the center of Cappadocia. After take-off, the most beautiful views of Cappadocia, especially the Güvercinlik Valley, Zelve Valley and Paşabağ Priests Valley, flow under your feet.

You will be able to see the most beautiful places of Cappadocia such as Ürgüp, Göreme and Avanos from a balloon up to 20 km from a bird's eye view. Valleys, green gardens, vineyards, 3 beauties, stone houses towards the hills Cappadocia silhouette, fairy chimneys and a huge world carved out of stone will lie under your feet and greet you.

Cappadocia Balloon Discovery

What should you take with you on the Cappadocia Balloon Tour?

To enjoy the Cappadocia balloon discovery, go to bed early in the evening and wake up early in the morning after a good night's sleep. ; Don't forget to take your camera, camcorder, spare battery and memory card your hat, cardigan, coat, glasses, medicines, phone, wet wipes.

Who Can't Fly with the Balloon Tour?

Those aged between 6 and 90 can fly with a balloon tour. However, Children under the age of 6, pregnant women, people with panic attacks, recent surgery history, those who use crutches, those with platinum prosthesis on their bodies, those with mental disabilities and those with fear of heights cannot fly with a balloon tour.

approved by the turkish civil aviation authority